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By Myself

There are careers that you start by yourself and you may be able to finish them by yourself, but to succeed in them you need other people.

When I started writing I knew what my goal was. I wanted to be a published author. I knew that I wanted to have a career as a novelist, but I hadn’t realized yet that to be a successful novelist I would need to reach out to a lot more people.

You can sing great, but to be a great singer you need people to like listening to you sing.
You can  make music, but you need people to want to buy your music.
You can design clothing, but you need people to want what you design.

For me I love to be social, but I have never been the type to always talk about myself or ask others for help, but I realize that if I want to get noticed that’s something I am going to have to do. I need people to make my writing reach  the levels I want it too.

What are you doing by yourself? singing, dancing, writing, filming? Can I help write a review for you?

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L.D. Kid

I am and always will be an L.D. student. L.D. stands for Learning Disability. I don’t like that label because it seems as if I am saying that I am disabled and cannot learn something. That is clearly not true. I can learn anything that a normal student can, but I have a different way to feed it into my mind and remember it. To me I have a learning difference.

Most people never know that I have a learning difference unless I talk about it. I am realizing now that I need to talk about it more because there are L.D. students out there that feel they won’t be able to ever get to the same place as the rest of the students at their school. I felt this way when I started out in fourth grade, but as the years went on things started to work so smoothly for me. I give so much credit to the L.D. program and the teachers who worked with me for my success with writing.

If you told me in fourth grade and any years before that I was going to be a published author by the time I was 18, I would have never believed you. Before I was in the system I was in normal classes and things were really hard to understand. Many of my teachers told my mom that I wasn’t working hard enough and that I pay attention fine in class, but I am not working hard enough in my work. My mom knew this wasn’t true. I loved all my teachers before fourth grade, but fourth grade was were I started to appreciate a teacher for what she really does. In fourth grade, my teacher noticed that something wasn’t right. She took the time to talk with me and try to figure out what I was trying to say. She realized that I was a lot smarter than I was putting down on paper. She also realized that I was writing numbers and letters backwards. When I look at how my writing used to be and all the mistakes, I think how didn’t any of my other teachers notice this? I am just thankful that she noticed. Fourth grade was the year things started to kick into high gear for me.

My teachers noticed that I had a lot of ideas and I was always talking about things, but I never wrote them down. They started helping me use organizers and plotting graphs to help me figure out my thoughts. Once I reached middle school I started to write more. I kept a few journals and I wrote many poems. I didn’t start writing long stories till the beginning of high school.

High school was when I started to crack out of my shell. I knew that reading and writing were my subjects. Grammar rules and punctuation weren’t strong and I know I still have a lot of work with that, but my writing was an illness. Through my late high school years I wrote all the time and I didn’t want to do anything, but write. My mind was realizing that my ideas could really come to life now that I knew how to write what I was thinking and seeing in my mind.

When I talk about my writing style people start to see that I am a visual learner and you start to see that writing is what I was supposed to do. I get ideas for writing a story every day and every situation is a good one for a story I might write sometime. My mind plays movies that are waiting to be told. Even in my dreams at night I have stories that want to be told. If I could write all day without my hands getting tired I would finish books in 3 days. I see the story from start to finish in my mind and all I have to do is write. Without the L.D. program I don’t think I would ever be able to make the connection I do with my mind to my pen.

Many people have learning differences, but I don’t think you are disabled. I don’t think you should ever think that you can’t become something because you learn differently. It made may be a struggle, but when you make it to your goal the finish line is so much sweeter.  The teachers in the L.D. system believe in you and you should believe in you too.

-Check out my book, The High School Stories by me, Ellie Grace on There’s a  cute short story in there about learning disabilities (:

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You Can!

You can! What does this mean? It means exactly what it says. You can. You can do whatever you set your mind on. Some things aren’t accepted by the public and some are rather dangerous, so I would stay away from those, but anything else you can do and you should do.


As a young person that has finished high school and didn’t go to college it can be tough. Most people don’t understand how tough it’s been. I want to be a successful author. I know I can be successful I just have to keep working hard. Many people support my decision to follow my own path to become a writer, but it seems sometimes the path is lonely. I love writing. Writing is MY thang. I don’t want to be anything else if I can’t be writer. So, even when people think I sit at home all day and do nothing with my time, or even when people think that I probably won’t make it without having a degree, I push forward because in my mind I already see myself achieving my goal. I told my parents that I’d publish a book before I left high school and I did. I feel like I can always reach my goals. To some people they think I have set a really high goal for myself, but I don’t think it’s that far. I think I’ve ready started on the ladder of success.

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massage therapist

I have decided that I should stick to my writing career and become a massage therapist. <— that doesn’t make an sense, but I will, of course, explain. As a writer it may take a while to make it big in the business, so you need to have a back up job or hobby. For me since I don’t really like the idea of sitting in college classes to study something that’s really going to be second place to my writing doesn’t really make sense. So, I’m going to become a massage therapist. yay me! I like giving massages. I used to give massages to people during classes or to calm them down and to many family members I’ve got good hands. I think that’s something that I could do while I am still writing. LOOK OUT THE WRITER IS GOING TO BE MASSAGE YOUR BACK! I DON’T DO FEEET! (:

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This morning I woke up earlier than I normally do. As of late, I have been unable to sleep very long even though I know i am going to be tired later on in the day. My mind is racing with things that I need to do. This morning I worked out, took a shower, had soup for breakfast and looked up MFA programs.

It’s still the morning and I feel like I’ve done so much. The research on MFA programs made me realize that I really don’t want to be in a program like that. There was an article that said if you know you’re direction and you’ve already got a strong sense of what you’re doing then MFA isn’t for you. I think that’s me in so many ways.

What I want as a writer if I were to join a program:

People that love to write.

People that want to wrote together to help each other become successful.

People that have some experience in the writing world that I could learn from.

I think I need a mentor or a writing circle of people that come a write. They write and they feed off each other. I also need a mentor because I am always unsure if I should study writing or if I should become something else. My thought is I’ll always be able to go to college, so why not try going for a writing career for a little while?

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Be More Famous

I am a huge tweeter on Twitter and everyone always says, “This year is going to be my year.” I have seen that tweet repeated so many times in the last two years I have been on Twitter. So, I won’t say that this year is going to be my year, but I will say that I will be working harder and finding more avenues to shove my writing in everyone’s brains.

I am not much of a spam artist on Twitter, though I have heard that I should be. I may start doing that on my other twitter name which is Egpubs. I’ll spam the crap out of that Twitter. I always feel bad when I spam, but I guess if I want to get my point across I should do that sometimes.

The main point of this blog post is to say that this year I hope for more success in my writing. I hope to have a lot more people following what I am writing about and a lot more people buying my books. My blog post may focus more on what I am doing to achieve this success.

I wish you all a successful year and may you have happiness each day.

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