By Myself

There are careers that you start by yourself and you may be able to finish them by yourself, but to succeed in them you need other people.

When I started writing I knew what my goal was. I wanted to be a published author. I knew that I wanted to have a career as a novelist, but I hadn’t realized yet that to be a successful novelist I would need to reach out to a lot more people.

You can sing great, but to be a great singer you need people to like listening to you sing.
You can  make music, but you need people to want to buy your music.
You can design clothing, but you need people to want what you design.

For me I love to be social, but I have never been the type to always talk about myself or ask others for help, but I realize that if I want to get noticed that’s something I am going to have to do. I need people to make my writing reach  the levels I want it too.

What are you doing by yourself? singing, dancing, writing, filming? Can I help write a review for you?

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