Promotion Headache

Recently I have been trying to start promoting my books more seriously. This is a serious task. As much as people say that promotion is easy with Facebook & Twitter not everyone believes that they see on Twitter. Many times on Twitter I have said, “I need new music to listen to.” A stranger will tweet back to me about some spam for music. I don’t want people to think that I am spamming them or if they open a link that they’ll be sucked into a black hole. I only want them to preview my book and maybe, hopefully, cross my fingers that they’ll end up buying my books. I know my books aren’t full of crap.

Aside from all of the social networking sites there’s also Youtube. I have a Youtube account, but I don’t use it like I should.  I am trying to figure out ideas on how I can market while using Youtube to get my face and my books into people’s minds.

The last thing that seems to work wonderfully if you have the right way to go about things is word of mouth and fliers. I think the more outrageous the flier is the more people will look at it and go WHOOAAA, I need to check that out. I don’t even think that the flier needs to have anything about the book on it. It could have a beautiful picture or a hot guy on it and many people would be on my website trying to figure out what this was all about. Though, I am lacking the help from people around me to spread the word. I need help putting up fliers and littering the streets with anything that’s eye catching.

Hopefully, I’ll figure it out and be on my way to success. If you have any ideas on how I should go about promoting myself with my books I’d love to hear about it.


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