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I’m Back – France Kidnapped

I’m officially back from vacation. My week in France was more than what I thought it would be. I absolutely love France as a whole. I loved the way they did things there specially with their food. I had so many different foods which is one reason I never want to leave. I’m going to miss having bread every morning the way they served it. I am going to miss the real deal France cooking. I’ll also miss drinking with every meal. I loved Nice more than I liked Paris and I like New York City more than I liked Paris. In comparison. My body is on a different time zone for sure. I could barely get any good rest and I kept wondering where things were in my room. It feels almost like a foreign place. So many people have been asking me to tell them everything that happened, but there is really too much to tell. All I can say is that I loved it. I would love to go back, but not on a straight 8 hr flight. It wasn’t the best way to spend 8 hours. I think if I had first class I would be okay. The Air France plane needs work. The people in the back of the plane need 5 inchs more space. I wish they’d find a way to make this possible. Other than that I was happy to be on a real vacation with my whole family for once. I am also happy to be back in the States. I have a lot to write about and get started with for the next coming months. I may be leaving again next week for a trip to New York City, but I haven’t figured out all the details about that.


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There’s a difference!

There’s a difference between






I can’t even begin to tell you how much I see the wrong usage. It makes me crazy. It’s like these people don’t read what they are saying. Does that really sound accurate? I don’t think they really care, but I do.

I may post a now playing later, but I have hit a dry area of no music that I like right now. How can this be possible?!

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