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Feeling Neglected!

It’s been a while. I’ve been traveling and vacationing. I’ve also been looking towards my future. My year off of education is about to come to a close which means I must decided whether I want to pursue writing as my career or have a side job. Of course, having a side jobs is my choose. Though, I have many different jobs that I think I may want to study in.

Online Bookstore – I’m thinking about opening an online bookstore for self published authors.

Ultrasound Technician- I could train for two years through an accreditation program

Creative Writing- there are two creative writing programs that I am looking at for the spring of 2012. Both schools are in Europe.

Business/Marketing school- these both would help me with my writing career and would also allow me to make money working with other people.

Brewer/ Winemaking – I thought those careers could be fun, just because, but I am not good with chemistry, so I am unsure these would be the right careers for me.

Decisions Decisions. I soon will have to make.

Aside from the decisions I have come back to my blog because I miss writing here everyday. I’m already searching for some music. I really hope to have two blogs today, but who knows. If I can’t find good music.. then, tomorrow I will have another blog about something.

peace love and smiles.

no more neglect!

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