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I’m in the newspaper!


I’m in the newspaper!!! OMFG! That’s basically all this post is going to be about today. It’s pretty cool. I love the article. It’s top notch. Thank you Connection Newspaper and Miss. McGovern!

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Mercedes Promotes Sleeping While Driving

If you watch TV and you don’t skip through the commercials you’ve probably seen the newest Mercedes commercial. This commercial has people admitting to falling asleep at the wheel and how if it hadn’t been for their Mercedes and it’s gadgets they probably would have died or caused an accident. I’ve heard people say that this is amazing technology and it’s almost the same idea as having a breathalyzer engine start. I understand it’s amazing technology, I understand that it’s a good idea for those people that can’t realize how sleepy they are, but are you actually buying this car for that device? If you are, I don’t even want to be on the road with you.

As a person that has gotten to an accident because the lady behind me was falling asleep I can’t stand this. People will start to believe that they can relax, sit back, and cruise because their car will put them back on the road. You’re cruising in your car late at night, music blasting because you’re tired you drift off the road and your Mercedes puts you back on the road. Back on the road, a place you don’t need to be. What your Mercedes needs to do is shut off and convert into a bed because no matter what gadget you are tired. Just because you’re back on the road and wake again for a minute doesn’t mean you’ll be awake for the rest of your drive.

I also know that somewhere in the future we’ll probably not even need to drive our cars. Everything will be programmed into the vehicle. All of the cars will communicate with each other and less accidents will happen, but I think till then we’ve got to promote safe driving and safe drivers. You’re sending that text you drift off the road, hit someone, but your Mercedes gadget didn’t save you in time. Who would be at fault? Your car for not saving you or you for not doing the one thing you should be doing which is paying attention to the road?

It’s just something to think about. I love Mercedes Benz. I hope to own one in the future, so they still have a customer in me, but I will not be supporting their newest gadget.

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Weather Woman

(I will be moving the now playing blogs to my website

Lately on my Twitter account I have to become the weather girl or mother nature’s official spokesman. First, we look at the calendar and we see that it’s no longer January. Snow isn’t a likely thing. We now see that we’re in March – May. If you grew up anywhere in America you’ve heard repeatedly, April showers bring May flowers. It’s freaking Spring! It’s going to rain. Everyone is complaining about how bipolar the weather is as if they’ve never seen Spring before. If it wasn’t raining and then, five minutes later sunny as hell then it wouldn’t be Spring. This is what happens in Spring. I just get really annoyed with people that ask why is it raining so much ….in Spring. That’s like asking why it’s so cold in Winter. 

I also am not a fan of Spring. There’s so much pollen in the air. Even with all the rain it’s still crazy outside. Then, after Spring is hot summer which is dry and you don’t want to move. I’m a fall person. I like the brisk air. I like fall fashion as well. It’s warm, but it’s not too warm and when it’s cold you don’t have to wear a big jacket.

Anyways, I believe everyone should enjoy the Spring. Enjoy all the rain while we can and when summer comes and you wish it would rain, just think about what you said in spring.

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Now Playing: Moh Sohrabi

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Now Playing because I didn’t want to write about music that I didn’t fully love. This morning I was on the hunt for good music and I came up being blown away by this guy named Moh Sohrabi. I’m completely blown away that I don’t even know where to start. To the beginning, I guess?

Moh Sohrabi is a young guy from Northern Virginia. He’s basically from my backyard. When I say that I mean that he’s from the same city that I live in and I believe he attends one of my high schools rivals. So, I’m definitely supporting a hometown artist today.

As a reviewer I’ve heard a lot of music and comparing upcoming artist to famous artist comes natural. The only person I could really compare him to is Mac Miller because of the way he flows with his lyrics and his voice which are two things that caught my attention from the start.

Sohrabi raps to the hottest radio hits and he makes them his own. I took the time to listen all of the tracks he had on his ReverbNation page. First, I listened to him rap some well know rap beats like Aston Martin Music, Fireman, and Who Dat. Then, he took Ke$ha’s Tik Tok beat and rap to that. It’s cool that he can rap to anything, but it’s even better that he can make it flow.

There’s the beat, the flow and of course the lyrics. The lyrics to his songs have edge, fire, and feelings. Sometimes when I listen to artist I listen to the first song on their track list and It’s the most amazing song they have and as I go down I feel less impressed. With Moh Sohrabi, I get more and more impressed by how he uses his words. He also uses another language for time to time. This guy has passion and being passionate is the best because the words carry more meaning. ‘Dope Shit’ was just as it says in the title. It was Dope Shit. I can’t pick a favorite. I can’t recommend listening to just one song. I recommend listening to at least the first 5 songs. Then, I know you’ll be hooked.

I could use more of my words to express how great of a rapper this artist is, but I don’t think you’ll be able to grasp the full awesomeness that is Moh Sohrabi. If he made a mixtape, I’d buy three copies and tell my friends to buy it. I’d even get my family to buy it. Seriously. So, stop reading this, open a new tab or whatever, and check this guy out!

ARTIST – Moh Sohrabi

GENRE – Hip Hop/ Rap

MUSIC –  &

TWITTER – @MohSohrabi

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Get off MY road!

So, a lot of my friends that get in my car and drive around with me realize I have necessary road rage. There’s necessary road rage and uncalled for road rage. I think I am being reasonable with my road rage. Let’s see what you think.

slow old people crossing the road in the crosswalk – I’m totally fine with this. They’ve got to go buy their groceries and I understand their elders.

old people walking slow across the street diagonal – It takes longer to do and I dislike it so much. Please, just follow the straight line across the road. It’s easy for me to know that you’ll make it across sooner. It’s like mid walk they change their mind.

children and parents crossing the street – I can’t stand these parents that walk ahead of their children, but then realize that half way through their kid is still playing attention to their toy and not walking right behind them. Then, they have to go back take junior by the arm and slowly but surely cross the street. Maybe you should say ready set go with your kids and make sure everyone is ready to walk across. That way I don’t have to wait for you and your five kids to cross.

crossing the street slowly just because– there are people that run up to the cross walk but once they’re in it they go extra slow. Not just your average slow but they just had a knee operation slow. Or there’s the people that oh my this car is waiting for me, but then they have the nerve to look back at the people that their with who are five feet back and wait in the middle of the road. I didn’t sign up to wait for your and your family. You were at the cross walk I let you go, they’ll have to wait for the next opening. Or next time you wait for them before you go charging into the road.

Now, correct way to walk across the street – Walk swiftly as you can because this is not a stroll through the park, if you’re old you’ve got a slow speed limit I understand, walk behind your kids and get them across with ease, and don’t look back for anyone. You’re in the street. I’m paying attention to what I am doing and clearly you should too.

IF IT’S RAINING – I let everyone go because I feel bad that you’re in the rain. I’m dry, so it doesn’t matter to me.

Please cross the road like you have some where to be. I mean it’s not like you’re going to your own funeral. Target isn’t going to kill you. Be happy you can walk!

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Control What You Can

I love talking to people. I love supporting people. And a lot of these people that come to me are stressed about all the complicated things going on in their lives. No one stops to think and process all of the things they really can control. Most people like to have control over their lives. When a person doesn’t have things under control they stress. Though, some people don’t notice that you can only stress so much. You’ve got to write all the stressful things down and see what you can do to change or fix those things. There are some things that are really not in your hands like applying to a college, or job. Things like that are in other people’s hands. If you’ve tried your best, you said everything you could then you just have to wait and see. Also, if you’ve messed up you can’t go back and change what you did. You can only improve now and try harder the next time you apply. It’s certainly not the end of the world if you don’t get accepted, but it can feel that way. There are options. Most times with certain outcomes there are options which again you might want to think about before you jump into something. Other times people stress about issues that can be dealt with. You’ve got a problem with a friend, you’ve got relationship issues, you don’t like the way you appear. Problems with friends and relationships are always going to be there. Sometimes you’ve got to measure out how much this person means to you before you go canceling them from your life. Deep breathes are always helpful when dealing with friends and family. Because you do, or you did care about these people.  Maybe you’ve got trouble with how you appear eat differently, work out when you can and the issue is solved. Controlling what you can when you can. Write a list so you can see all the of the things that are on your mind. One by one see is this a right now fix or a later down the road or are there ways that you can make it less stressful now before you explode.

Just breathe because everything will work out. (:

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Is That My Exit?

One of the things that kills me is people older than me that don’t know there surroundings. I’m still pretty young, but when I drive I know where I am going most of the time. People these days don’t know road names or numbers. They don’t even know landmarks. They get an address and instantly put it into their gps when the street is right down the road. All of the people I travel with have lived in the same area for around the same amount of time, but they still don’t know how to get to the easiest of places. Sometimes I wonder what do these people usually do during a car ride? Then, they’ll tell me that they’ve come to this same place thousands of times and I have to say out of all those times did you not look to see what was around you? I don’t understand having to always gps things five minutes for your house on a main road. I guess some people aren’t as coordinated as I have trained myself to be. It’s crazy driving with people that have no clue where anything is because when and if we do get lost I am the one that must Macgyver our way out of the dead end road. I don’t know what else to say, but pay attention and try to be helpful. Look where you’re going, so the next time you want to go there you can have a little bit more of an idea how to direct someone to get there.

If you need to get directions I totally suggest google maps! love it!

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There’s a lot of new things going on. I’m trying new things and moving on and growing from where I used to be with my writing.  I now have a sports blog and I also plan to open my own website. I’m working on two new books and going to have one edited shortly. Being a writing and doing everything on my own without a coach is a challenge, but I’m willing to work for my success. Working towards being success and having to struggle at first is going to make success that much better. Progress and forward motion. Looking at what I did before and try every time to make things better than they were before. Tomorrow starts my regular blogging. I mean it this time.

But for the rest of today I’ll send it with my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day (:

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