Is That My Exit?

One of the things that kills me is people older than me that don’t know there surroundings. I’m still pretty young, but when I drive I know where I am going most of the time. People these days don’t know road names or numbers. They don’t even know landmarks. They get an address and instantly put it into their gps when the street is right down the road. All of the people I travel with have lived in the same area for around the same amount of time, but they still don’t know how to get to the easiest of places. Sometimes I wonder what do these people usually do during a car ride? Then, they’ll tell me that they’ve come to this same place thousands of times and I have to say out of all those times did you not look to see what was around you? I don’t understand having to always gps things five minutes for your house on a main road. I guess some people aren’t as coordinated as I have trained myself to be. It’s crazy driving with people that have no clue where anything is because when and if we do get lost I am the one that must Macgyver our way out of the dead end road. I don’t know what else to say, but pay attention and try to be helpful. Look where you’re going, so the next time you want to go there you can have a little bit more of an idea how to direct someone to get there.

If you need to get directions I totally suggest google maps! love it!

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