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The Designer!


Picture this. You’re 18 about to go to college to study something your father wants you to study and the weekend before you leave you get the opportunity to make money doing what you love. You would go for what you love, right? I know I would. Tyler James is given the opportunity that could change his life. A celebrity wants him to design for her. This would be fine with his father if she wasn’t actually a he, and the clothes his straight son designed weren’t going to a gay man. With his mom’s sneaky help he is able to jump into the dragulous fashion world to try to make a name for himself before his father tries to pull him out.

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Adeo, the city inside a building, discovered and ruled by four brothers known as the ABs. Adeo was a flourishing city until the DEs had the brothers assassinated. The door to the city was locked and no one could come or go, but now nearly 18 years later the door opened to let Axel Baronettie in almost unnoticed. Who is he and why did it open for him? Could he be a new AB leader? The more time that passes the more Axel learns about the city and about him.

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Kindle Me Crazy

Kindle Me Crazy.

Lately I’ve been working on putting my books on Kindle. I think that kindle has a big market and also a market that is growing. It scares me that books are supposed to be cheaper to make more money on them. I think that I’ll be pricing my books from 3-5 dollars a piece. Other than that ways of making money have been piling up in my head. The handbag business has to be put on hold while I write more and maybe find a 9-5. We shall see how this all works out. I’m also just trying to stay healthy because at the moment I’ve been feeling weird and gross and I’ve seen my doctors.. so we’ll see!


Now Playing: ELIM

Today I bring you a hip-hop meets pop meets rock meets electronic dance music duet from Manassas, Virginia. Mike & Mark Longhelt are a brother combination that work so well together to make ELIM.

When I took my first sample of their music I listened to ‘Say Yes’, which is available on iTunes, I only thought they were a pop group. I heard Mike singing and there were a few words from Mark, but I was surprised when I heard him start rapping. ELIM’s music is truly a gift that never stops giving. For a person that loves all different types of music they are the prefect band.

To me, I could hear all of those awesome gifts in ‘Can’t Stop Us.” There’s a heavy guitar element, so first you’re feeling a little rock star then, Mark comes out spitting his rap. That’s when I am saying to myself, “Oh shit, I’m feeling like a rock star AND a B.A rapper!” Then, Mike starts singing and I feel like I have an angel sweet side, but I am also dancing because the beat makes you want to get up! This song is a personal favorite.

ELIM shows that they can get low or they can get high or they can meet you somewhere in the middle. They’ve got slow songs, fast songs, dance songs, and songs that I know anyone will enjoy. They’re different, unique and totally fresh. Take a minute to look them up and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!


GENRE – Pop/ Electronic/Hip-Hop


TWITTER – @ELIMtheband

Woke Up This Morning And…

I woke up this morning and went back to sleep. I don’t have an alarm clock. My body always wakes me up. I tell myself I need to be up at 6 o’clock and right at 5:58 I’ll be up. So this morning I woke up at 8 which I always do now. But this morning I couldn’t seem to get up. I wasn’t feeling like it, so I didn’t. Though, my mind wasn’t going to let me sleep either. I’ve got so much on my mind lately. This week really packed on the amount of things I’ve got going on. I’m taking a break now from writing my business plan all morning. I’ll probably stop writing the business plan to start working on my newest story. For some reason I am tired now and my back is hurting… life is really hitting me right now. Though, I am really happy about this business plan, my new book, and everything that’s happening. Rolling with life right now.

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I’m Taking My Talents…

I’m taking my talents and I am moving to So… I mean, OMG! THE MAVERICKS WON! I’m so very happy that Miami didn’t win. This wasn’t their year. I am not going to talk about this all day, but AHHHHHH!

While we’re on the subject of talents, let’s talk about mine! I’ve decided that I want to make handbags. I think that I can use my sewing talents and my creative designer talents into a handbag business. From what I hear it’s pretty easy to get into the craft shows. The hard part will becoming with enough product. I’m going to start my business plan today.

As much as I’m getting a little crazy by how much I’ve got to do, I am in love with this. I’ve got one book being published this week, another book I am designing the cover today and a few other books that need to be written. It’s amazing how much I can get done within a week.

I will be updating on my crafty new projects!

Please check out my website

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Checking Social Sites

In high school social sites were the bomb. You’re always checking them and getting updates from them. Changing layouts and updating friends on every move you made and feeling you had. But I am not in high school anymore and I don’t need social sites like I did before. I don’t like to check in with friends on facebook, I don’t like to update statuses on facebook, I do like posting pictures, but communicating through facebook never really happens, but the weird thing is that I am drawn to facebook.

I think this happens to a lot of people, so many you’ll feel the same as I do. I wanted to check my email. In the website bar instead of typing I typed Then, before I could do anything I had pressed enter and was back at facebook. Then, I was checking my mail everything was cool. I wanted to go to twitter and I typed in AGAIN! Then, I wanted to check my yahoo account and I got to yahoo, but was distracted by all their top stories that I forgot what I was there for and so my fingers returned to Mind you that nothing on facebook ever changes when it’s less than 10 clock in the morning. So, I am seeing the same faces, the same statuses. It’s crazy. Maybe some big event is going to happen on facebook and my mind is trying not to miss it?

I finally stopped trying to check any websites and came here where it’s safe.

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Summer Slump

It’s official I think I am in my summer slump. I want a job, but I want to write. I want to write, but my body just wants to be lazy. Writing takes a lot of thought. I have to visualize everything that I write. If my mind is lazy and doesn’t want to think about a topic then, I can’t write my stories. I have finished two books for my summer so far. I hope to have two more finished by the end of the summer. Writing that just gave me a little motivation. My books are my everything. I’ve got to keep working on my books and the job will come. The beach will also be there and soon I will be there too. I am just not in the mood to use money if I am not making money. I need more money in my life. Does that sound bad? Anyways, I am doing a lot of work and using a lot of brain power now. There is hope for me.

Please go check out my website and check out my other pages. This post is rather short, but I don’t have a rant or a rave for today. I am not editing this either. I’m lazy guys!

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New Shoe Syndrome

I think I have New Shoe Syndrome. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had it. For those of you that don’t know what NSS is I will tell you.

I recently, over the long weekend, purchased new shoes. They’re all black Reebok Easytones. I was so happy to have a new pair of shoes and start toning and everything. I came home and I wore them around the house and showed them to everyone about a billion times. This is normal when you get a new thing and you want to show it off to everyone. I took it a step further. Now, that I’ve got these new shoes I want to wear fitness clothes all the time. I want everything to match my shoes. Yesterday I had no where to go, but I dressed up in a black tank top, black yoga pants, and my Easytones just to walk around the house in. I felt pretty cool. This is New Shoe Syndrome.

I’m seriously wondering about every outfit I can wear with my new shoes as if I don’t already own 20 other pairs of amazing shoes. I’ve canceled them all out and now I only want to wear these shoes because I feel badass or I feel like someone that actually goes to the gym everyday. I swear the shoes can change a person’s wardrobe.

But anyways, I am really hoping that this won’t go away and I’ll always enjoy these shoes. I pray it will last forever, but I won’t always want to wear fitness clothes. I still have to actually go to the gym. I wouldn’t say the shoe is changing my life yet.

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