Summer Slump

It’s official I think I am in my summer slump. I want a job, but I want to write. I want to write, but my body just wants to be lazy. Writing takes a lot of thought. I have to visualize everything that I write. If my mind is lazy and doesn’t want to think about a topic then, I can’t write my stories. I have finished two books for my summer so far. I hope to have two more finished by the end of the summer. Writing that just gave me a little motivation. My books are my everything. I’ve got to keep working on my books and the job will come. The beach will also be there and soon I will be there too. I am just not in the mood to use money if I am not making money. I need more money in my life. Does that sound bad? Anyways, I am doing a lot of work and using a lot of brain power now. There is hope for me.

Please go check out my website and check out my other pages. This post is rather short, but I don’t have a rant or a rave for today. I am not editing this either. I’m lazy guys!

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