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Today I bring you a hip-hop meets pop meets rock meets electronic dance music duet from Manassas, Virginia. Mike & Mark Longhelt are a brother combination that work so well together to make ELIM.

When I took my first sample of their music I listened to ‘Say Yes’, which is available on iTunes, I only thought they were a pop group. I heard Mike singing and there were a few words from Mark, but I was surprised when I heard him start rapping. ELIM’s music is truly a gift that never stops giving. For a person that loves all different types of music they are the prefect band.

To me, I could hear all of those awesome gifts in ‘Can’t Stop Us.” There’s a heavy guitar element, so first you’re feeling a little rock star then, Mark comes out spitting his rap. That’s when I am saying to myself, “Oh shit, I’m feeling like a rock star AND a B.A rapper!” Then, Mike starts singing and I feel like I have an angel sweet side, but I am also dancing because the beat makes you want to get up! This song is a personal favorite.

ELIM shows that they can get low or they can get high or they can meet you somewhere in the middle. They’ve got slow songs, fast songs, dance songs, and songs that I know anyone will enjoy. They’re different, unique and totally fresh. Take a minute to look them up and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!


GENRE – Pop/ Electronic/Hip-Hop


TWITTER – @ELIMtheband

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