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I need Self Published Authors!

I’m currently building a list of self published books to read and review here on my blog. It doesn’t matter the age or if it’s the first book they’ve written. Whether it’s your book or someone else, if it’s self published and I won’t fall asleep reading it, I’d love to read and review it!
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Book Reviews?

I love music and I love reading.. so I think I am officially going to take my talents to a youtube channel for that. But I’ll also blog about everything that I say in the videos. Though, I need a proper camera… this one on my computer and all the others in my house suck. Stay tuned.

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College With A Job Guarantee

Well, I’ve had my year off school and I think I am pretty sure that I’m going on to my second year without college. I really don’t think college is going to do anything for me at the moment. I’m not saying I don’t have room to learn anything new or that I don’t ever need to learn anything else because that wouldn’t be true. I have so much to learn, but going to school and spending all the money is not the right thing for me right now.

I have so many ideas that are floating in my head. I’m realizing that I am the type of creative mind that always wants to create something without having the boundaries that assignments have. I want to write every book idea that comes to my head without having to hold off on it because I have stress of college assignments. I want to be able to have my handbag business and build my own bags, wallets, and etc. Many people can create things, but it takes a certain person to actually make a living at that craft. Am I certain that I can make a living out of my crafts? Yes. Do I believe in what I am writing about and that my bags are wonderful? Yes. Is the market ready for what I have to offer? Ready as they’ll ever be. This is my time to go out in life and show people me. Show people who I am. Show people what I can do on my own and without the education that everyone thinks so highly about. I’m ready for this new year , this new season in my life.

So, college doesn’t come with a guarantee that I’ll have a job, but doing what I want with my crafts and my talents will always give me a job. No matter what there will be a way to use my talents to have a job. I’m sure of it. I may not have the degree, but I can get that job.

College can suck on that for now!

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Michelle Obama Eats Fat People Food

So, basically Michelle Obama ate this 1,700 calorie fast food meal and everyone is like OMG! This is definitely not news worthy. First off when anyone famous eats something and it comes news worthy I think omg, this is so stupid. Children die in africa and I am sitting here wasting time with what some famous person is eating?! Has it really come to this?

Back to MObama. She had this meal it was almost 2,000 calories. She’s all about fitness and beating obesity, but she’s not OBESE! She can eat whatever she wants to because she has a personal trainer and she has a freakn’ chef that’ll make her a salad to balance all of that fast food out. She works to help obese people not give into eating those meals because if it was an obese person they would have that meal maybe every day. She can eat that meal, but there’s a guarantee that she’ll work it off.

Let her eat what she wants and when she starts getting fat.. that’s when you can bring up how she’s been eating. For the obese people, she should give you hope that you can have those same fatty meals sometimes, but still be fit.

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Kids Banned From Restaurant

I just saw on my yahoo that a restaurant banned kids at their place. Is this the first time this has happened? I swear I would have kicked families out from the get go. My best friend and I always go into restaurants and when it’s a nice place and a screaming baby walks in we look over and go, “Please don’t seat them by us.” I’m not sure who really enjoys babies screaming and crying the whole time.. or mothers blocking walk ways with their baby in their hands trying to rock them. I understand if I am in chuckie cheese, or ihop or somewhere more family and children friendly that I will have to deal with that. BUT when I am paying top dollar for a meal and the menu has two dishes or none at all for kids then kids shouldn’t even be allowed to be in the restaurant. Why take your kid to an upscale restaurant when all they really want is a chicken tender basket? I don’t think this is really news worthy. I know my kids aren’t going to be ready for the nice classy restaurants for a while so I am not even going to think about bringing them there. Till my kids can actually say what they want.. we will be going to the places that are kid friendly and if I want to go out somewhere nice.. the kids will stay home. I think that’s really all that needs to be said.

I love kids. I’m going to be excited to have my own, but let’s be real when you’re bringing them out.

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Well Written Movies

My best friend asked me the other day who were my favorite producers in the movie industry. Aside from the big names in the industry I wouldn’t know any producers. My sister is studying film in college and yet, I still don’t have a favorite. My big thing about movies is a well written movie. I see a movie because of the concept. I may think some of the actors are cheesy, but I will watch it because the movies concept was really good. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button… OMG! that movie. If I had thought of that story idea I would have been patting myself on the back!  Matrix, Adjustment Bureau, Minority Report.. and so much more that were brilliant thought out and that’s why I love them. So complicated, but so simple. I love it.