Kids Banned From Restaurant

I just saw on my yahoo that a restaurant banned kids at their place. Is this the first time this has happened? I swear I would have kicked families out from the get go. My best friend and I always go into restaurants and when it’s a nice place and a screaming baby walks in we look over and go, “Please don’t seat them by us.” I’m not sure who really enjoys babies screaming and crying the whole time.. or mothers blocking walk ways with their baby in their hands trying to rock them. I understand if I am in chuckie cheese, or ihop or somewhere more family and children friendly that I will have to deal with that. BUT when I am paying top dollar for a meal and the menu has two dishes or none at all for kids then kids shouldn’t even be allowed to be in the restaurant. Why take your kid to an upscale restaurant when all they really want is a chicken tender basket? I don’t think this is really news worthy. I know my kids aren’t going to be ready for the nice classy restaurants for a while so I am not even going to think about bringing them there. Till my kids can actually say what they want.. we will be going to the places that are kid friendly and if I want to go out somewhere nice.. the kids will stay home. I think that’s really all that needs to be said.

I love kids. I’m going to be excited to have my own, but let’s be real when you’re bringing them out.

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