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Fried Bubblegum!

Fried Bubblegum! This was the big hit this year. Everyone was talking about it. Even people that hadn’t been to the fair were talking about the fried bubblegum. I just hate when things don’t leave up to the hype. Fried bubblegum wasn’t a party in my mouth at all. Fried bubblegum was like getting a balloon being really happy with it and then someone pops it or like buying an ice cream cone walking away and dropping the ice cream before the first lick. It was such a fail for me. It tasted like hot bubblegum flavored marshmallows. As I ate it people walked by gawking at me and trying to see my reaction. I tried to stay calm for the people around me. I gave a thumbs up even though I really wanted to throw up.  I later passed by the bubblegum stand and saw many people have this reaction on their faces that was the same one I would have had if there hadn’t been a crowd watching me eat. It was a very upsetting taste, but at least I can say I tried it.

Stay tasty, ellie grace.

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Fried Gator!

Fried Gator… nothing uber special about fried gator because most of the southern world as had fried gator or heard of having gator. To me, a northerner, who loves watching Swamp People having gator was an experience I would pay big bucks for. Now, I’ve heard that gator tasted just like fried chicken and it did. Though, I can’t be sure if these people just gave me chicken or they actually gave me gator. Biting into the meat I couldn’t really see exactly what it looked like. I know that’s wrong to just put something in my mouth because someone says it’s gator and believing them, but whatever. The gator could have been cooked in fresher grease. I think the seasoning was too strong for me to be able to taste the meat the way I’d like to. I think what I really need to do is have fresh cooked gator after someone has just caught it. Don’t kill me for loving meat, Peta! (: I put the smiley face to make everything better. Hope it worked. I look forward to eating gator another time.


Stay Classy, Ellie Grace

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Fried Butter!

When I saw that these people were selling fried butter I said to myself that’s the weirdest thing. You’ll have to get that because it’ll shock people when you say you’ve tried it. I tried it and I wanted my money back on the spot. I didn’t ask for my money back, but man it sure wasn’t worth it. Fried butter is basically a biscuit turned inside out. They put butter inside of dough and then put a flavored syrup on the outside. For my syrup I choose maple honey cinnamon sugar. I really didn’t enjoy them. My friend that was with me enjoyed them more than I did, but after one of them I totally could not get another one down. Thanks for the experience, but never again well I try that. Though, this wasn’t the worst I had all day.


Stay Tasty, Ellie Grace

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Fried PB&J

  Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Can you hear heaven’s angels singing? Oh, wait that was just me. When I saw the sign for fried peanut butter and jelly I almost died. I started to sing and dance. I had heard so much about this sandwich. I had seen famous people eat this sandwich. I had seen it on food channels. So, this sandwich had a lot to live up to in my mind and it definitely did. First off unless you plan to only eat this all day I recommend sharing with someone else. I had a friend there with me to help eat this amazing creation. If you love peanut butter and jelly there is absolutely not reason why you wouldn’t love it fried. It’s such a simple idea that makes such a simple sandwich so much better. Of course the day after the fair I was in the kitchen cooking fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Extremely easy to make, doesn’t take long and doesn’t take a gourmet chef to make it either. Now, I wouldn’t recommend having these for every meal even if you use wheat bread. Anyways , totally enjoyed that and it lived up to everything and more.

Stay Tasty, Ellie Grace.

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Fried Poptart!

Did I just see heaven land on earth? I think I did. Fried Poptart was another creation that I had at 10 o’clock in the morning. The same man that gave me fried salsa gave me a fried Poptart as well. Although you cannot see it because of all the whip cream there is a smores Poptart underneath it. I’m definitely not a whip cream person, but because it’s a creation and I have to try everything as it is I had the whip cream too and OMG! Totally had a party in my mouth. I had a feeling that fried Poptart would be overly sweet and the whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup would definitely give me heart trouble on the spot, but it didn’t. It was unusually calm in the sweet department. I can never look at a Poptart the same way. Every time I see a Poptart I feel like it has so much more potential. I will probably end up trying to cook this one in the future. Pray that I don’t burn down the house!

Stay Tasty, Ellie Grace!

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Fried Salsa!

Fried Salsa! Bless the energetic man behind the counter that told me to try this. At the Texas State Fair unique foods is the name of the game. Fried Salsa was one of the best fried foods I tried all day. It’s also one of the foods I wish I could make in my kitchen, but I feel intimidated. It was 10 o’clock in the morning when we arrived at the fair and it was 10 o’clock when we tried this creation. Some people went in there with the mindset that it’s too early to eat fried salsa, but my mindset was it’s never too early to try something new! Fried Salsa is salsa encased by tortilla chip crumbs with queso sauce on the outside. An extremely brilliant idea and a tasty one too. Lovedit!


Stay tasty, Ellie Grace

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Birds Actually Fly South

Notice in the picture there are black dots on the electric wire. No, this isn’t a joke. That’s real life. Those are birds. Compare to Virginia Texas is way down south. I had totally forgotten that birds fly south. I never really thought about where south was, but being in Texas as it grows colder up north the birds are everywhere. I will never forget that now and I will never forget my first Whataburger. I was in the Whataburger drive thru, waiting for my burger to be ready when all of the sudden I see a flock of what looked like a million birds. No, I haven’t see a million birds before, but I’m sure million birds looks like what I saw. They were all in the air and there was more and more and more coming. It remind me of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Birds. I had to watch that movie in high school and I still haven’t forgotten those children being attacked by birds. It was so crazy that I was laughing so much I was crying. I totally could not believe it. Oh, and the Whataburger wasn’t anything spectacular. It was alright. I’m happy to say I’ve tried it.

Stay Classy and watch out for the birds!

Ellie Grace

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Chicken Babes At Babe’s Chicken

Babe’s Chicken, Frisco, TX!

I went to Babe’s Chicken in Frisco, Texas. I wasn’t sure what type of atmosphere I would get when I was eating in a place that resembled a barn. As I walked up there were many families rushing to get in for a table. Apparently from what I heard that we had come at great time because usually families are standing out in the parking lot waiting. The big main room which we sat in was very dim and jam packed with chairs and tables. It was very western in the main dining hall. All of the waiters are girls or “babes”. Some of them sing for everyone and others get the children up to dance the hokey pokey. After all the food you have at this place I don’t know if you really want to be dancing. Definitely got a food baby from this place. The way they serve food is family style.  Family style is where they give you a big entree of food. A plate of fried catfish, fried chicken, smoked chicken, or chicken fried steak which one plate of whatever meat you want is shared with the table. Then, they bring all of the sides to your table whether you want them or not. Green beans, cream corn, mash potatoes, and biscuits. It was very good food. Not the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, but it was good. Now, one thing that was a little crazy was the to-go -bags. They didn’t give you a box. They had plastic bags on a hook that you grab off and stuff your food inside. Not exactly the classiest way to pack your food, but we made it work. It felt a little bit odd carrying the plastic bag out as if I had gone to the buffet and brought a Walmart bag to steal food in. It was a unique Texas experience.


Stay Classy… or at least try to.

Ellie Grace

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Crackin’ Crabs

For some reason I’m in love with this picture of me at Joe’s Crab Shack. You can’t tell at all that I did in fact wear a dress to the crab shack. Before anyone starts to judge the fact that I wore a dress let me tell you why I did it. I’m a slender girl who loves wearing jeans. Jeans are my favorite thing, but when I eat I always get a food baby. The smartest, most attractive way to be comfortable with a food baby is the maxi dress. Of course Texas has amazing weather so I didn’t look totally out of place, though I did look a tad dressy for the restaurant. So, what did I eat? I had a pound of Snow crab legs, half pound of shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and fries. GIANT FOOD BABYYY! Now, I don’t understand why they put the sausage in the basket. It’s as if to say that I need a intermission from all of the seafood. Something to get me through all the seafood I’m eating. I wasn’t sure why we put that in there, but I did eat a little of it. Had an amazing time.  Hopefully when I get back to Northern Virginia I’ll be able to go out to our Crab Shack!

Stay Classy, Ellie Grace.

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I’m In Texas!


I’m here in Texas this month enjoying everything that Texas has to offer. I was confused about Texas even as I made my first journey from the airport to the house I am currently staying in. There seems to be one giant highway that goes down the middle of Dallas. Then, there are sub counties or smaller towns. I’ve been all over the small little towns. I was in Little Elm, The Colony, Frisco, and more that I can’t remember the name of. The one thing that has been a big theme of my trip here is to try the food. Since I’m from Northern Virginia a lot of these fast food places aren’t familiar to me. Every time I tell someone I haven’t been to a certain place they look at me shocked as if my whole life has been a lie or a waste. It’s not that I’ve been under a rock it’s that the 13 original colonies have no room to build anything else because every piece of land is historic! Anyways, there’s a pretty blue sky with no clouds in sight and the sun is calling my name!


Ellie Grace

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