Crackin’ Crabs

For some reason I’m in love with this picture of me at Joe’s Crab Shack. You can’t tell at all that I did in fact wear a dress to the crab shack. Before anyone starts to judge the fact that I wore a dress let me tell you why I did it. I’m a slender girl who loves wearing jeans. Jeans are my favorite thing, but when I eat I always get a food baby. The smartest, most attractive way to be comfortable with a food baby is the maxi dress. Of course Texas has amazing weather so I didn’t look totally out of place, though I did look a tad dressy for the restaurant. So, what did I eat? I had a pound of Snow crab legs, half pound of shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and fries. GIANT FOOD BABYYY! Now, I don’t understand why they put the sausage in the basket. It’s as if to say that I need a intermission from all of the seafood. Something to get me through all the seafood I’m eating. I wasn’t sure why we put that in there, but I did eat a little of it. Had an amazing time.  Hopefully when I get back to Northern Virginia I’ll be able to go out to our Crab Shack!

Stay Classy, Ellie Grace.

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