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ESPN is obsessive

I watch ESPN every day. I don’t start my morning by watching the news.  I start my morning watching Sportscenter. After that my day has started. I later in the day watch Sportscenter, Around the Horn, PTI, and then Sportscenter again. I love seeing what’s new in the sport world. I love watching sports and picking teams. ESPN has this new thing where all they talk about is one person and one sport and they over analyze everything about that person or that team. We see this with Tebow. Every topic on their bar was about Tebow. They brought in FIVE or more people to talk about different angles of Tebow. They even had different Tebow highlights. TEBOW ISN’T EVEN THAT GREAT! I would understand if he was breaking records every week, but seriously luck was on his side. Then, with Lin. Of course I loved the Lin story because Lin actually has some talent, but every bar was about Lin. They talked about him on and on as if there wasn’t any other sport in the world. As if there wasn’t any team, but the Knicks. C’mon. It’s supposed to be sports reporting. Try to find different things to talk about rather than make conversation for Twitter. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT SPORTS, but for an hour we choose to talk about one sport and one person playing that sport. It’s crap. I love Peyton, but he didn’t need two hours worth of reporting. Everyone said the same exact thing.. nothing there. ESPN needs to step it up.

-I will still be a loyal watcher, but C’mon!

What about Cherry Blossoms?

Most people from Northern Virginia hear about the Cherry Blossom festival every year. To me I always thought people used it as an excuse to bring tourist in. I image somewhere in a board room the mayor is asking how can we get more people to come to D.C? Some bright young artistic soul said, “The Cherry blossoms by the water are always really nice to take pictures and sit under.”  “Bloody Brilliant!” I seriously never understood the big deal about them. Friends of mine would go and take pictures with their hi tech cameras acting like models… but it wasn’t anything special because there were a thousand others taking the same exact photos. After living in Northern Virginia for over 18 years, I’ve finally looked up what the Cherry Blossom Festival is really about. ‘Supposedly, we’re celebrating the link between Japan and the United States.. someone really should advertise that more. I seriously doubt anyone knows that’s what those trees are for. I really should be on the board for the Cherry Blossom Festival next year. Educate more people on it, so we don’t think it’s a bunch of people seeing trees with flowers.


-If you do go to the Cherry Blossom Festival please find as much proof that it’s actually more than trees with flowers… yeahhhh.

Old Men + Hooters + St. Patricks Day = Good Time

It’s March 17 which means it’s St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not really a big holiday that I go crazy over. In Elementary school teachers usually made you feel like everyone was part leprechaun or something really magical. As I got older it seemed like a good reason to drink. For most people if you take St. Patrick’s Day as the definition in old times, people think you’re lame. Almost like with Halloween. (Halloween is the day of the dead. For most Americans, it’s the day to have parties and dress crazy, wild, slutty.. depending on who you are. haha )

Anyways back to St. Patrick’s Day.. I went to my normal Saturday coffee shop for tea and to write. Seeing a lot of cute kids with their parents all deck out in green. Stores were covered in green. Green cakes, drinks, cupcakes and all that good stuff. I was heading back home and I drove by Hooters. It’s not even 11:30 yet, so I only see a few cars in the parking lot. In the back of the restaurant there was one car parked. Four older men (I’d say late 40s) gray hair waving in the wind, all wearing green shirts, khaki pants, and a few with beer bellies. They’re getting out of the car, getting ready to make their entrance. Some are fixing their pants to be up high enough and others are just smiling happily. For some reason I couldn’t help laughing. It was as if they were getting one chance to let lose. They had drove together, coordinated outfits, parked in the back (so they could stumble back unnoticed? So, no one passing by could see? IDK). You only live once, so why not go for it…. at 11:20 in the morning. You know you’re getting old when you arrive at hooters before it opens. (; Whatever they were doing. I hope they had fun. I’m sure they did.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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Lyrics Today Suck!

I love music. From the instruments used to create the background to the lyrics and flow the artist unleashes. A good beat alone cannot make up for the artist lack of flow and lyrical talent. I’m not a big fan of listening to anything on the radio. I get into the car and plug in my ipod before I hear anything. Many artists are very talented when it comes to flow or singing abilities, but their words are pure crap. Some spend half the time reciting one word such as “ass” or “cake” then they have a catchy chorus to fill in the for the lyrics they didn’t want to take the time to write. IT’S CRAZY that people actually replay these songs as if 3 minutes of the loop wasn’t enough. Then there’s other artist that all they do is go back and forth comparing things. Their songs should all be called Random because none of it pertains to what the song is really about. They just go on a rant of crap that sounds well together. I get so upset when a song has an amazing beat and an artist does a horrible job. It’s sucha sad moment. Stay on topic, talk about something worth telling about, great you have cars and cash, but not everyone listening today does. UGHHH . I have a headache. I can’t continue this post.



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Drink Tea Properly

I recently started drinking tea to help with stomach problems I was having. As the tea worked miracles on me I started to fall in love with drinking tea which led me to finding many different types and flavors. I’m often telling my friends about the new teas I’m trying or telling them they should try tea for their aliments. BUT! I notice that some people don’t really know how to make and drink tea. Here’s my list on how to drink tea properly.

1. LET YOUR TEA STEEP – this means let the tea bag sit in the cup. I see sooo many impatient people blooping the tea bag in and out of the cup. This actually slows down the blending process.

2. LEAVING THE TEA BAG IN THE TEA WHILE DRINKING – This isn’t smart if you want your tea to be one solid flavor the whole time. If you’re looking for the last sip of tea to be extra strong then leave the tea bag in. BUT leaving the tea bag in means that you won’t have a constant taste throughout drinking. Whatever floats your boat, honey (:

3. OVER SWEETENING  – Some  people really enjoy drinking hot sugar water, but I can’t do it. It doesn’t matter whether the flavor is wild berry or peppermint adding too much sugar will do damage to natural flavor. Especially if you’re drinking tea because you want to heal.

Enjoy your tea today!


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Hannah Storm is not Swankee

Last night I was watching ESPN. I watch ESPN all the time. I watch it every day. I’ve seen recently that ESPN has hired more female anchors and I applaud that. The one thing I don’t like is that ESPN lets the ladies come on with some questionable garments. Yes, ESPN is mostly a male show, but sportscenter is losing class. We shouldn’t have women on their with short skirts and high boots… I’m sorry, but that’s something that a REPORTER shouldn’t be wearing. That’s not business attire. You never seen men wearing shirts with their buttons all the way down to show their chest. Women have a lot of different ways to wear business attire and ESPN should look at dressing these women more classy. I just hate watching these interviews such as the Hannah Storm interview with Tebow. Hannah is crossed legged in a short dress sitting far back in her chair…. wayyyy too much leg. I just don’t like watching when I’m sitting next to a guy that’s drooling. The whole interview is lost because Hannah is dressed unclassy. I’m not going to say she was dressed slutty or anything like that, but she didn’t have the proper attire on.

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Kanye West Heels Not Swankee

ImageAnyone exciting about Kanye’s new heels? I didn’t think so. After seeing this first pair I’m not exciting to see anything more. Kanye West has had his share of questionable outfits. You never know what you’re going to get from him. I wouldn’t go so far and call him the male Lady Gaga because he isn’t hatching from an egg at a major award show. Many artist decided that they want a fashion line of some sort, but not everyone needs their own line. So, good luck to Kanye. I think there will be some fans and groupies or just people that have to have a shoe because a famous person made them. That’s were the sells will come from, but maybe the rest of the line will be surprisingly good?

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The Swankee Way To Have Water

I was doing my daily search on on news. They’ve got a story saying that drinking 8 glasses of water is an old rule. To me it’s quite impressive to successfully drink 8 glasses of water. I’ve tried many times to remember to drink water. I even get a huge water bottle that I can refill, but I’m either too busy or I forget. Most times I’m too busy to remember that I need a drink or even that I need to eat. But they say now that there’s a new rule to replace  8 glasses of water. Cucumber and Watermelon are 90% water and have antioxidants. I’m sure I can do this. I love both of those foods, so I can do that. I also don’t have to have a massive amount of them. It’s the swankee new way to have water!

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The Kobe System

Have you had success at success at success?

The Swankee-ist quote I’ve heard on a commercial. I love it. If you haven’t seen Kobe Bryant’s new commercials for his new shoes it’s definitely something to check out. I would warn that if you don’t like Kobe or you think he is cocky, you’ll hate the commercials. #Kobesystem

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