Hannah Storm is not Swankee

Last night I was watching ESPN. I watch ESPN all the time. I watch it every day. I’ve seen recently that ESPN has hired more female anchors and I applaud that. The one thing I don’t like is that ESPN lets the ladies come on with some questionable garments. Yes, ESPN is mostly a male show, but sportscenter is losing class. We shouldn’t have women on their with short skirts and high boots… I’m sorry, but that’s something that a REPORTER shouldn’t be wearing. That’s not business attire. You never seen men wearing shirts with their buttons all the way down to show their chest. Women have a lot of different ways to wear business attire and ESPN should look at dressing these women more classy. I just hate watching these interviews such as the Hannah Storm interview with Tebow. Hannah is crossed legged in a short dress sitting far back in her chair…. wayyyy too much leg. I just don’t like watching when I’m sitting next to a guy that’s drooling. The whole interview is lost because Hannah is dressed unclassy. I’m not going to say she was dressed slutty or anything like that, but she didn’t have the proper attire on.

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