Drink Tea Properly

I recently started drinking tea to help with stomach problems I was having. As the tea worked miracles on me I started to fall in love with drinking tea which led me to finding many different types and flavors. I’m often telling my friends about the new teas I’m trying or telling them they should try tea for their aliments. BUT! I notice that some people don’t really know how to make and drink tea. Here’s my list on how to drink tea properly.

1. LET YOUR TEA STEEP – this means let the tea bag sit in the cup. I see sooo many impatient people blooping the tea bag in and out of the cup. This actually slows down the blending process.

2. LEAVING THE TEA BAG IN THE TEA WHILE DRINKING – This isn’t smart if you want your tea to be one solid flavor the whole time. If you’re looking for the last sip of tea to be extra strong then leave the tea bag in. BUT leaving the tea bag in means that you won’t have a constant taste throughout drinking. Whatever floats your boat, honey (:

3. OVER SWEETENING  – Some  people really enjoy drinking hot sugar water, but I can’t do it. It doesn’t matter whether the flavor is wild berry or peppermint adding too much sugar will do damage to natural flavor. Especially if you’re drinking tea because you want to heal.

Enjoy your tea today!


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