ESPN is obsessive

I watch ESPN every day. I don’t start my morning by watching the news.  I start my morning watching Sportscenter. After that my day has started. I later in the day watch Sportscenter, Around the Horn, PTI, and then Sportscenter again. I love seeing what’s new in the sport world. I love watching sports and picking teams. ESPN has this new thing where all they talk about is one person and one sport and they over analyze everything about that person or that team. We see this with Tebow. Every topic on their bar was about Tebow. They brought in FIVE or more people to talk about different angles of Tebow. They even had different Tebow highlights. TEBOW ISN’T EVEN THAT GREAT! I would understand if he was breaking records every week, but seriously luck was on his side. Then, with Lin. Of course I loved the Lin story because Lin actually has some talent, but every bar was about Lin. They talked about him on and on as if there wasn’t any other sport in the world. As if there wasn’t any team, but the Knicks. C’mon. It’s supposed to be sports reporting. Try to find different things to talk about rather than make conversation for Twitter. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT SPORTS, but for an hour we choose to talk about one sport and one person playing that sport. It’s crap. I love Peyton, but he didn’t need two hours worth of reporting. Everyone said the same exact thing.. nothing there. ESPN needs to step it up.

-I will still be a loyal watcher, but C’mon!

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