What about Cherry Blossoms?

Most people from Northern Virginia hear about the Cherry Blossom festival every year. To me I always thought people used it as an excuse to bring tourist in. I image somewhere in a board room the mayor is asking how can we get more people to come to D.C? Some bright young artistic soul said, “The Cherry blossoms by the water are always really nice to take pictures and sit under.”  “Bloody Brilliant!” I seriously never understood the big deal about them. Friends of mine would go and take pictures with their hi tech cameras acting like models… but it wasn’t anything special because there were a thousand others taking the same exact photos. After living in Northern Virginia for over 18 years, I’ve finally looked up what the Cherry Blossom Festival is really about. ‘Supposedly, we’re celebrating the link between Japan and the United States.. someone really should advertise that more. I seriously doubt anyone knows that’s what those trees are for. I really should be on the board for the Cherry Blossom Festival next year. Educate more people on it, so we don’t think it’s a bunch of people seeing trees with flowers.


-If you do go to the Cherry Blossom Festival please find as much proof that it’s actually more than trees with flowers… yeahhhh.

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