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All White Rappers vs. Eminem


I understand that Eminem was the first to make it big as a white rapper, so he paved the way for young rappers coming up now….But nowadays these white rappers don’t even spit their verves like Em. We don’t need to have this conversation every time a new white rapper emerges.

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Feeling bad for RG3

ESPN has confirmed a billion times that Luck will be going to the COLTS. That’s wonderful for him. I see the Colts with open arms taking him and working with him to be an amazing QB. The management with the Colts always takes a QB and makes him feel like family. We saw that with Peyton Manning (even though they let him go like that)

With the Redskins I don’t see it being that easy to welcome someone in. The Redskinz have had talented QBs in their program before. McNabb even said on Sportscenter that he didn’t think that RG3 should go to the Skinz. I really don’t think it’s the players that makes them suck. It’s the coaching and management. The QBs have a chain around their necks. If they don’t make the right plays or do what they want them to, they are taken out. It’s not the way a QB should be treated. I really hope that RG3 is able to get in there and break through the stiffness. He’s such a great guy and he has a great spirit and I wouldn’t want the skinz to ruin him.

I wish him luck and I really hope that he makes the skinz a winning team.

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We Are Young & Over It

We Are Young by Fun. Ft Janelle Monae

I really love this song, but I can’t get away from it. It’s everywhere. LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!

I’ll be standing in the elevator… it’s on!

Any radio station that it doesn’t even fit on… it’s on!

Radio commercials about miscellaneous junk… it’s on!

Every Chevy commercial… it’s on!

Advertising for sports on ESPN… it’s on!

Shopping in the mothafreakn’ mall… it’s on!

Thought I was safe in the bookstore, NOPE!… it’s mothatruckn’ on!

MOST OVERUSED SONG OF 2012 GOES TO WE ARE YOUNG!  It’s a good one. I’ll give them that, but there are million artist out there you couldn’t have done some unique research? Good for Fun. They’re making BANK, but I’m tired of it. Please stop this madness.

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Saving Recess

Okay, so again, I was listening to NPR.. same car ride as my last post. This time they were talking about schools in Chicago. In Chicago, some elementary schools have a 5 hour school day. WOW! That’s all I could say. Here in schools go for about 8 hours. These elementary schools only had 10 minutes for lunch and 10 minutes for recess. SOOOOOO CRAZY! When you’re young putting all that new information in your head without a break is tiring. Pushing for a longer day to get more time to ease into material is better. What you learn in elementary school is the foundation for the rest of grade school. I know first hand that if I hadn’t gotten extra help when I was in elementary school I would’ve been so lost in high school. Lunch is important. Kids need food, teachers need a break. It’s a restart and a refuel. Recess gives kids a break. Time to be with friends, to get exercise, to think school isn’t so bad. I don’t live in Chicago, but I totally support this.

Sometimes you wish there was more time in the day.

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The Great Divide In America

I was listening to NPR this morning. Yes, I’m 20 and really enjoy NPR. It’s just as informative as reading the paper. Anyways, they were talking about politics ( I hate politics as everyone knows.) This morning they were talking about Romney and Obama in comparison on a few issues. Romney says that Obama hasn’t done anything moneywise for America. This is where all I could think about is THE GREAT DIVIDE.  The rich get richer, the poorer get more poor. the republicans are strong on their beliefs and the democrats are strong on their beliefs. No one is willing to give a little. Some fear losing their job, losing their sponsors, losing their funding. THIS GREAT DIVIDE NEEDS A COMPROMISE.  Does no one else see how far apart politicians seem to be on EVERYTHING… Will anything get done? Will anyone solve at least one problem? I guess we’ll have to hold tight and see.

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I Order Burger King Delivery

Last month I drove by the Burger King near my house and saw that they were hiring delivery drivers. I seriously thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I dismissed that I had even seen that sign. A week later I drove by with a friend not paying attention to the Burger King she screamed out, “Burger King delivers now!” So, the sign hadn’t been a myth. I had been forgetting about it and then I thought let’s do. I’m not big on Burger King. I really have to be in the mood for Burger King to eat at the BK lounge.  On Friday, I was in the mood for burger king I remember that they delivered so I went for it.

Ordering from Burger King delivery

It’s done online. It’s a very easy process. I could pick and choose what I wanted on my burger. I could add extra toppings. (I wish you could order a Subway sandwich by computer) I could ask for extra sauce for my nuggets. They had deals where you could order like 20 burger combos.

Final Order

I order two small burgers,  chicken tender combo, and a salad.  I ordered the salad just in case the nuggets and fries were soggy. The burgers weren’t for me, but I had fun ordering them.  The min. order is $10 (rightly so. I would be pissed to drive just to give someone a large fry) There’s a 2.00 delivery fee. You can also give a tip via online.

The Delivery

I was informed after I placed my order that it would be 40 to 45 minutes. Let me say this again 40 to 45 minutes. WOW! The Burger King is about 10 minutes away. I could make at least three trips home and back. DO YOU KNOW HOW FAT I FELT  WHEN I READ THAT!  BUTTTTT! It really only took like 20is minutes for my food to arrive which isn’t back for delivery, but makes me feel extra fat.


I thought there would be some amazing in packaging that would keep everything warm and not soggy, but I was wrong. No one wants a cold burger. The burgers weren’t cold which I was happy about, but the fries are another thing. I hate soggy and cold fries. This happens to me when I say I’ll wait and eat my fries when I get home. They get cold and there isn’t a way to really get them back to fresh. That’s probably what they need to work on. If this is supposed to work.

OVERALL REVIEW: This is good for kids that are home alone and need a cheap meal. I wouldn’t do this again because I have a car and I can get it on my own. I feel really fat ordering fast food FROM delivery when I can get it on my own faster. At least I put more energy into the award. It’s a cute idea not a swankee one. But It’s a  smart move by Burger King because people always say, “I wish this fast food place delivered.”



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What Makes Obama Great

I’m not into politics. I hate people say that because I’m not into politics I don’t care about what happens to the world or to me. In reality, I don’t want to have my head chopped off when I tell my opinion. No matter what it’s always a fight or a big lecture. People ask how do you feel

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