I Order Burger King Delivery

Last month I drove by the Burger King near my house and saw that they were hiring delivery drivers. I seriously thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I dismissed that I had even seen that sign. A week later I drove by with a friend not paying attention to the Burger King she screamed out, “Burger King delivers now!” So, the sign hadn’t been a myth. I had been forgetting about it and then I thought let’s do. I’m not big on Burger King. I really have to be in the mood for Burger King to eat at the BK lounge.  On Friday, I was in the mood for burger king I remember that they delivered so I went for it.

Ordering from Burger King delivery

It’s done online. It’s a very easy process. I could pick and choose what I wanted on my burger. I could add extra toppings. (I wish you could order a Subway sandwich by computer) I could ask for extra sauce for my nuggets. They had deals where you could order like 20 burger combos.

Final Order

I order two small burgers,  chicken tender combo, and a salad.  I ordered the salad just in case the nuggets and fries were soggy. The burgers weren’t for me, but I had fun ordering them.  The min. order is $10 (rightly so. I would be pissed to drive just to give someone a large fry) There’s a 2.00 delivery fee. You can also give a tip via online.

The Delivery

I was informed after I placed my order that it would be 40 to 45 minutes. Let me say this again 40 to 45 minutes. WOW! The Burger King is about 10 minutes away. I could make at least three trips home and back. DO YOU KNOW HOW FAT I FELT  WHEN I READ THAT!  BUTTTTT! It really only took like 20is minutes for my food to arrive which isn’t back for delivery, but makes me feel extra fat.


I thought there would be some amazing in packaging that would keep everything warm and not soggy, but I was wrong. No one wants a cold burger. The burgers weren’t cold which I was happy about, but the fries are another thing. I hate soggy and cold fries. This happens to me when I say I’ll wait and eat my fries when I get home. They get cold and there isn’t a way to really get them back to fresh. That’s probably what they need to work on. If this is supposed to work.

OVERALL REVIEW: This is good for kids that are home alone and need a cheap meal. I wouldn’t do this again because I have a car and I can get it on my own. I feel really fat ordering fast food FROM delivery when I can get it on my own faster. At least I put more energy into the award. It’s a cute idea not a swankee one. But It’s a  smart move by Burger King because people always say, “I wish this fast food place delivered.”



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