What Makes Obama Great

I’m not into politics. I hate people say that because I’m not into politics I don’t care about what happens to the world or to me. In reality, I don’t want to have my head chopped off when I tell my opinion. No matter what it’s always a fight or a big lecture. People ask how do you feel

about Obama and the job he’s doing? I say I wouldn’t know, but I do know one thing Obama is a great speaker. Obama’s speaking abilities are so swankee. Being able to speak so well in front of people and say the right words is such a swankee quailty. I love it.

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One thought on “What Makes Obama Great

  1. mpbulletin says:

    It’s interesting to hear people dismiss his speaking ability as way for him to distract people from his poor policies. Poor policies or not (I happen to think he’s doing a good job) being a great speaker has been a quality of some of the world’s most influential leaders throughout history.

    There’s a lot to be said for being able to inspire through the spoken (and written) word.

    Good thought here! Thanks 🙂

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