The Great Divide In America

I was listening to NPR this morning. Yes, I’m 20 and really enjoy NPR. It’s just as informative as reading the paper. Anyways, they were talking about politics ( I hate politics as everyone knows.) This morning they were talking about Romney and Obama in comparison on a few issues. Romney says that Obama hasn’t done anything moneywise for America. This is where all I could think about is THE GREAT DIVIDE.  The rich get richer, the poorer get more poor. the republicans are strong on their beliefs and the democrats are strong on their beliefs. No one is willing to give a little. Some fear losing their job, losing their sponsors, losing their funding. THIS GREAT DIVIDE NEEDS A COMPROMISE.  Does no one else see how far apart politicians seem to be on EVERYTHING… Will anything get done? Will anyone solve at least one problem? I guess we’ll have to hold tight and see.

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