All White Rappers vs. Eminem


I understand that Eminem was the first to make it big as a white rapper, so he paved the way for young rappers coming up now….But nowadays these white rappers don’t even spit their verves like Em. We don’t need to have this conversation every time a new white rapper emerges.

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One thought on “All White Rappers vs. Eminem

  1. Merrilee Colden says:

    Stan is also a warning for each fan and listener not to misinterpret Eminem’s words and this song really proves Eminem doesn’t want his words to be taken litterally.For those who still think he’s a violent mysogynist, remember who ties his girlfriend up : it is Stan ,not Eminem. Eminem tells Stan to treat his girfriend better. I really think you and you girlfriend need each other/Or maybe you just need to treat her better).^

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