Super Bowl Ring or Hall Of Fame?

If you haven’t heard LaDainian Tomlinson retired this year before what would be his 12th year in the NFL. He’s still a young guy, only 33. He’s been in the NFL for 11 season. There’s no question that he’s an amazing player, but he hasn’t won a ring. Some believe that without a super bowl ring your career is a fail. Tomlinson has said he is happier with being in the Hall of Fame than being a super bowl champ. As someone that always pushes myself to be the best at whatever I’m doing, I would be happy to be in the Hall of Fame too. Winning the super bowl is a team thing. When it comes down to it there aren’t many people that will remember individual players, but when Sportscenter brings ups sats about you. What you’ve done will always be there and you’ll be remembered individual. There’s no I in team, I know. I think Tomlinson would have loved a super bowl win. What football player would hate that? None. But I think he should be happy with he has achieved.

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