Worried About The Kids

People are always worried about the children. People always say things like, “What will we tell our children?” or “How will we explain this to our children” As if their children are some alien species that does not understand simple conversations. My parents have always been really open and don’t shelter me from the real world. Conversations have always been easy because we started at an early age having conversations about things I questioned. This might not be the same for other families. I used to see the commercials about how to talk to your kids. It always made me laugh. Are you afraid of your kids? Have you never talked to them when they were young and asked what was this? My baby cousins are always picking things up. They say, “what dis?” I tell them paper, pen, ribbon whatever it is. Explaining to your kids should be first nature. You’ve had to explain things since they were young. Sheltering kids is not the way to go about things. Hiding things from them will not help them later in life. I mean, they are your kids, so you do as you please. But doesn’t it sound ridiculous that parents can’t talk to the young people they brought into this world?

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