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Introducing Yourself As An Author

When I say introducing yourself as an author I don’t mean when you’re on stage in front of a crowd. I mean introducing

yourself at a social event. I’ve always heard that being an author you should always promote yourself. I always hear that

every opportunity I have to engage and talk with people about me being an author I should.


I go to different types of events all the time, but it never gets old when people first find out that I write books.

Normal answers I usually get:

A. I’ve always wanted to write a book

B. You should write about me!

C. I wish I could write a book

Then, for the rest of the event people are coming up to me, “so you’re the writer?” In that voice you give a toddler who has won a shiny gold star. I think it might be my

age, but I don’t know. Does anyone else have a phrase that people normally say once they figure out you write books?





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Open Letter To The Bronocs

Dear Broncos,

I started watching you when Tebow was a sensation and now I watch you even more because you have Peyton Manning.

Tebow isn’t a very good quarterback, but you still managed to win games. Manning is an amazing quarterback and you aren’t taking advantage of this.

Instead you continue to play like you have Tebow as the quarterback. You’re defense and offense don’t come to play until the fourth quarter. Everyone

thought that Tebow was magical because of his fourth quarter comebacks. When in reality, Tebow and his Broncos didn’t start playing hard until

the fourth quarter. I start to see this with them right now with Peyton. It sucks to see a team not give all it’s got when they have such a big opportunity

with Peyton. During the game Sportscenter tweeted that Peyton Manning was struggling. This made me so mad. Peyton wasn’t struggling. He was doing

everything the great P Manning does, but the defense and offense were half into the game. They weren’t all there. After the game Peyton said he didn’t think there

was a speech that you give during halftime to get that kind of fourth quarter comeback. He said that it was more will. I think Peyton sees that this defense and offense start

putting their hearts into the game when it is on the line. They make games extremely hard to watch and as a fan of Peyton I always feel bad for him. He’s such a great QB

and yet his team doesn’t want to rise with him and be great also. To the Broncos, I hope you take this to heart and try to come out as a team that plays the full game.



Ellie Grace





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First Step in Planning Your Book: Part 1

The first step for me when I’m planning my book is to write a summary. Short or long I write a summary of everything that the story is.

My example idea is: A city girl comes to the country.  That’s a simple idea.

Example summary: A city girl comes to the country because her parents believe that she must spend time with her grandma

who she hasn’t since her in over ten years. She believes that it’s going to be bore until she realizes that her grandma talks to spirits

and fairies. Her grandma gives her an assignment to help a boy fairy spirit. She doesn’t want to do it and the boy doesn’t want her help.

She continues to try because it’s something do to. Ends up helping the boy and changing both of their lives.

For me. I came up with that idea right now and for some people you’ve already got that idea, but maybe you can’t summarize the whole story yet because

you can figure out what happens in the end or maybe the middle. These are the questions I ask myself while I write my story.

Who is the main character?

What does the main character do?

where does the story take place?

what is the thing that sets this story different from any other story?

What journey do I want the main character to go on?

what gives this story the wow factor?

Is there any important cast of characters around the main character?

Where do I see the main character at in the end of the book?

Once you can answer these questions you can form a summary around your idea. One question that I always ask myself is, where is the wow factor? My example of a city girl going to the farm is a very simple idea that is almost boring. Many movies have these stuck up characters go to the country where they are still stuck up. People might say I’ve heard that story before what’s different about it. I don’t see boundaries when I write, so the wow factor could be far out like she discovers aliens or as simple as a Native American tribe showing her how they live.  You see this with vampire books. Since Twilight there has been a surge of dark vampire books. There’s vampire academies, black vampires, vampires taking over, zombie vampires, teenage vampires, vampires in high school etc. Each book as something that makes it different and pop.

Along with the summary you should include any notes about the story you have. Whether it’s how many friends the main character has, names of characters, specific events that you want to happen or key phrases you want a character to say.  I usually make character list, so that I know and can list any details about them. It makes it easy for you to go back and tell what the character is, so you don’t lose yourself. This is very helpful if you plan to introduce a lot of characters throughout the book.

Wrap up.

Write your idea. Write the summary of the whole story. List other notes about the story.


& IF there’s any questions or you need any extra help leave me a comment!


Ellie Grace


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Planning Your Book & Pre Ordering Mine

Two things I want to address!

1. I will be starting my three part blog on how I plan my books soon. I’m not exactly how soon, but I want you to know that I’m working on those blogs.

I want to make sure that I say the right things and don’t confuse anyone. In my mind I understand how I plan and it makes writing books a breeze. I want to

share that with you guys.

2. My TENTH book Vox Academy is available now for pre order. There are two packages and with both packages you will receive the book before the November release date.

You can check that out on as well as checking the link to a free copy of the first book in the Vox Academy series!


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Vox Academy Complete Series Cover Released!

BAM! THERE IT IS! This is cover for Vox Academy the complete series. This book will have volume 1-4. You can read volume one for free 



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Young Author Celebrates Learning Disabilities Month

The other day I posted a blog about being able to write a book in a week. Some people are born to write and I was one of them, but it wasn’t always apparent that I would be a writer. Before I had this ambitious dream to not go to college and be an author, I was a fifth grader reading at a third grade level.

I would like to say that I was horrible at everything. I loved loved loved learning, but when I was tested on a subject it seemed like I wasn’t learning at all. It bummed me out when I never had a sticker on my paper. My teachers, even in third grade, were asking for me to stay after to re think things. On projects I always got high marks because I had a creative mind. I was always looking for a way to take a project to the next level. I remember having a project on animals and I video taped an interview with a giraffe or my project on “Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William Mckinley and Me, Elizabeth” I made a quilt to show the stages of the book. My way of showing what I was learning was different from everyone else.

Different. I don’t think teachers were trained to have different kids in their class. I had teachers that were older and they were set in their ways. It was as if they didn’t see that kids could have different ways of going about things. I don’t know whether they didn’t have time to help or didn’t think the extra help would work. One of my teachers told my mom that I just need to work harder, but they didn’t understand that I was frustrated because I was giving them 110%.

Finally in fourth grade I had a younger teacher, who paid attention to detail. She saw that I was writing letters backwards and even forgetting whole words. Looking back I can remember one time when she asked me to write with her. I talked and she wrote everything I said. I had always been a great talker and I think she realized that I could talk well, but something was happening when I tried to write. She talked to my mom and I got tested. It makes me so happy that I’m almost in tears that she got me tested. Being tested was a turning point in my life.

They found that I had auditory processing disorder. My brain couldn’t process things like other people. I was getting the message, but when it came to spitting it back out on a test I couldn’t do it. Fifth grade was a learning year. I was placed in the special small classes and given many different ways to complete test. I absolutely loved the small classes. I really felt cared for in those classes. I was still a bit shy when asking questions about things I didn’t understand, but my confidence started to build.

My first A in math in fifth grade was one of the happiest moments for me and my mom. I was dancing around in the kitchen singing the I’ve got an A song. My butt was shaking. I didn’t care I was on top of the world. From that moment on I’ve always had the attitude that practicing and working hard I can do anything. I used to think that I was just horrible at everything, but I wasn’t. I just had different way of seeing things and finally I was being taught the way my brain needed.

I remember riding in the car with my mom and her explaining that I have a learning disability. She was explaining everything that was going to happen and the meetings I would have to attend with her. After she explained everything to me, I quickly told her that I don’t have a disability I have a difference. Learning disability to says that I have thing that’s disabling me from learning. No, I’m not limited on things I can learn. I only learn differently from everyone else. The Individual Education Plan or I.E.P that I got explained why I learned differently. I think this made my mom happy to know that I didn’t look down on myself.

By high school I was caught up to a normal reading and writing level. I still had trouble with a few things and I went into small classes for certain subjects. I was good with asking questions and making sure that my teachers taught in ways that I could understand. My counselor wasn’t the easiest person to talk to. To me, she was lazy. I would tell her that a teacher doesn’t pay me any attention and I needed extra help, but wasn’t receiving it. She would tell me to just put up with it. I skipped over talking to her. I went straight to my LD office and they would say this is what your IEP says and you aren’t receiving it, so we will get you into another class. I spoke up and got what I needed.

Aside from teachers there were also students in and outside of classes that seemed to look down on the LD program. I had many classmates see me alk into my small class room and say are you in a stupid class? why is your class so small? You know the small special classes are for stupid people? Then there were people in my own small classes that would say to people, we’re in small classes. we are stupid. I HATED THIS! Of course I stood up for the classes and I stood up for people in that class. We aren’t stupid. We learn differently and we learn at a different pace. We are learning the same thing as everyone else and we take the same standard state test. I don’t let people talk bad about a program that has helped me succeed.

The learning disabilities/ difference program helped me plan out my thoughts that I could see in my mind. The planning that I used for small projects when I was in elementary school helped me and continues to help me. I believe that the LD program turned me into the fast writer that I am today. I am a success story. I’m so grateful to all the teachers and parents that supported me and taught me to be a better me.

I’m always explaining to new kids in the program that they aren’t stupid. Don’t let anyone tell you that. You pay attention in your classes, you do your work and you will see that what these teachers in this program are teaching you will help you in the future. So many people are surprised with what happens after they are put into a program where teachers work with them and care for them individual.

Sometimes I think I should be a motivational speakers as well. (:


Ellie Grace

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Book Writing is Simple

Book writing is simple. Writing books for me is easy. Everything and everyone is inspiring. I really feel like I could come up with a story plot about almost any topic thrown at me. My process is planning then writing. It can take about 7 days to plan the story and then within the next week I can be finished writing a 300 page novel. It’s really easy for me to do and when I explain this to other people they are in awe. They say I wish I could do that and I really want to write a book, but…   I want to figure out what the ‘but’ is and how I can help people write their books.

So, if you have a problem or something that you always get stuck on tell me. I’m willing to respond to any questions you’ve got.

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Self Publishing Friends

My last post I wrote talks about self publishing and how I believe in self publishing, but I need more self publishing friends. I’m 20 years old and I’m on my tenth book. I’ve been doing this for about two years now, but I don’t know everything. Self publishing you are totally on your own. I love this, but then again I don’t. I have questions and I’m constantly googling self publishing blogs to see what they do and if I’m doing the same things. Trying to get tips from authors and writers everywhere, but sometimes I just need a friend.

to my self publishing people out there! LET’S BE FRIENDS!
Let’s work together. Let me talk about your books on my blog and on my twitter. Let’s get through this together!


Ellie Grace



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Self Publishing Is Traditional

I’m a self publisher. 20 years old and I’m working on publishing my tenth book.

People argue that self publishing is bad and self publishing doesn’t have the quality that traditional publishers do, but I argue that self publishing is the most traditional way of publishing. Before there were publishing houses writers sat and hand wrote their short stories to share with people and before that people would pay to hear a story told of distant places. People were creating all by themselves. They were finding ways to get their work out and be paid for it.

Many people don’t realize that so many of the famous stories we love and look back to were self published first. Whether their stories were first denied by publishers or they self published first, they were self published. I can’t stand people who say all self published books are horrible because it’s very likely that a book you love was once self published.

It is traditional to share talents. It is traditional to put your foot out about something you’re passionate about. It is traditional to try to make money doing what you love to do. It is also traditional to take chances. Self publishers put themselves out there and work very hard to promote writings that they believe in. I say taking chances and that makes me laugh because it seems like I’m asking you to read a huge self published novel with a cover that has words misspelled.  No, that is not what I’m asking. I’m only asking that you don’t throw all self publishing authors in the same bin.

As for self publishing authors, I’m sticking up for us, but you better write the best gosh darn novel! (LOL.) Don’t put out crap. Edit and re-edit. Ask a friend, family member or me to read through what you write. You know what your novel is supposed to say, but someone else reading it only reads what it does say. For self publishing authors giving free ebooks is the best way to gain readers and test your foot in the publishing waters.

Self publishing is traditional. Putting your self and your work out there is traditional. It’s ordinary to share your work, but you hope that people find your work more extraordinary than anyone else in your field. So, good luck.



Ellie Grace

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A Team Of Rex Ryan

You don’t have to be a Jets fan to know that Rex Ryan likes to talk. Rex Ryan is known for making predictions about his Jets winning the super bowl and doing great things. People always hate on him for being so vocal about how good he thinks his team is because most times the team doesn’t back him up. Rex has stopped making predictions and bad talking this year. This might be because he sees that his QB isn’t as talented or he’s letting Tebow have the spotlight. Either way there hasn’t been much talk and the team is doing poorly to say it nicely and honestly I’m starting to feel bad for Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan  wants to win more than the whole Jets team. Rex has always believed in his team. He believed in his team when other people doubted which people criticize because they never won the super bowl, but I think that’s great. It’s good when a coach believes in your team because as a player you want someone that’s going to boost you up. If players were more pumped up like Rex Ryan then maybe they would really push to back his statements up.

Do I think Tebow should be put in now? I really don’t know. I don’t think Tebow is that great of a QB, but neither is Sanchez. I think Tebow has a winning attitude. I think Tebow shows that he plays to win. He has passion that you can see. I don’t really get that from Sanchez, but I’m not in there with him in the locker room or practice to see what he’s saying. I’ve only seen about a thousand Tebow interviews and sideline reports because he was “magic” last year.

All I know is that I hope the Jets pull it together for Rex.



Ellie Grace

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