Book Writing is Simple

Book writing is simple. Writing books for me is easy. Everything and everyone is inspiring. I really feel like I could come up with a story plot about almost any topic thrown at me. My process is planning then writing. It can take about 7 days to plan the story and then within the next week I can be finished writing a 300 page novel. It’s really easy for me to do and when I explain this to other people they are in awe. They say I wish I could do that and I really want to write a book, but…   I want to figure out what the ‘but’ is and how I can help people write their books.

So, if you have a problem or something that you always get stuck on tell me. I’m willing to respond to any questions you’ve got.

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4 thoughts on “Book Writing is Simple

  1. Book writing is simple. Getting it PUBLISHED is hard…

  2. Ellie, I read through your recent blogs on self-publishing. I heartily agree with your approach. You age puts you at the forefront of a trend where software tools have put self-publishing easily within your grasp. Ten books published is phenomenal and more will undoubtedly come.

    I have experimented with all kinds of writing techniques and methods. Although I am typing now, I’ve moved to using the latest iphone and ipad technology to dictate the words and let the computer type.

    What I have not been as strong on is the initial planning of a book. I am very comfortable with planning non-fiction, but it sounds like you are good at planning fiction. I would love to hear more about this in your blogs.

    You might like my Fable of the Writer and the Publisher:

    • Swankee says:

      Yes, planning is extremely important to me and I feel it helps me to never have writer’s block. That’s a great suggestion. I will get working on a few post about planning. Thanks!

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