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Now Playing: Somebody I Used To Know by One Mic

Now Playing: Somebody I Used To Know by One Mic

This song is so ‘effin’ catchy! As always I do my music searches to find unknowns and make them a little more known. At first I wasn’t sure whether I would blog about this song, but I found myself humming it and reciting lyrics. Then, I knew that my mind telling me that I really really enjoyed the song.

If you didn’t know the song Somebody I Used To Know is originally by Gotye. One Mic’s version of the song is a mashup with Gotye’s chorus sped up and One Mic’s rap lyrics intertwined. I’m a sucker for good music mashups. Blending two genres of music can either work or hurt, but in this case it worked amazingly.  One Mic is a rapper from New Jersey with immense amount of lyrical and flow abilities. In Somebody I Used To Know, the flow, the words, and the tone are place just right. But if you aren’t convinced about how good his flow is you should check out #LookAtEm. (I’ll leave the link at the bottom).

#LookAtEm is a promo song for One Mic’s 5th Cd which will be released July 15th on He speeds up his rapping, does a bit of singing and rattles out lyrics like pro. With promo songs coming out every week until the cd drops it’s the best time to jump on the One Mic train.

check out Somebody I Used To Know:

check out #LookAtEm:

Follow him on twitter: @whoisonemic

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Now Playing: Back by Miller Rowe

Now Playing: Back by Miller Rowe

OHMY! I came across the link to the promotional video for Miller Rowe’s single ‘Back’. If I said this was something less than a musical gem I would be so wrong. Residing in London, Miller Rowe has worked in music for the last two years. Rowe has done everything from producing to songwriting for some big names in the music industry, but now he is working under his own label, Tripleseven Music for his debut album.

‘Back’ is about a guy who fell in love and then he messed up, but now he wants the love back. Rowe’s voice is so sweet. His voice just touches your heart and you fall in a trance with how soft and perfect it is. He has an R&B vibe. I can’t compare the sound of his voice to anyone else, but the emotion you feel from a voice like his is like old school Usher. You know, how the voice sets a tone that draws you in and then the lyrics flow out and you fell like the lyrics are about you. As I listened to this song I felt like I had a lover somewhere that I wanted back. Everything is so perfect and I feel like this song could go to the radio today and be a hit. This makes me excited for the album and whatever he has coming next.

check out the video:

follow him on twitter: @theMillerRowe

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Now Playing: Condoms & Condiments by Bob Swags

Now Playing: Condoms & Condiments (mixtape) by Bob Swags.

With a mixtape name like ‘Condoms & Condiments you know it’s bound to be a party, & this mixtape proves to be nothing less than that. Bob Swags is a rapper from New Haven, Connecticut. He isn’t just a rapper though. He’s an electro rapper which is unique and also seems to be a lot more fun. I couldn’t compare this mixtape to any other that I’ve heard because who does a whole mixtape of rapping with electro beats and a bit of autotune? Not many, but if I had to say what his sound is like… I would say Jason Derulo party beat + a little Derulo autotune + Mac Miller’s flow mixed into one swag child. That’s right. I just said swag child. (I never say swag.) Every song has a new beat and a new feel. You go from too drunk to drive to 10 drinks that’s far too many and 10 joints I’m far too kind to singing in Love Suicide. My personal favorite is Feelin’ Like which has over 1,000 views on youtube.  It’s such a fun mixtape and Bob Swags has sucha great flow you would have thought this was his third mixtape. The future looks good for this guy.

check out the mixtape at:

add him on twitter: bobswags

Feelin’ Like on youtube:

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Now Playing: Perfect Weapon (JohnBrah Remix)

Now Playing: Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides (Remixed by JohnBrah)

Wow! Is my first response. JohnBrah has been producing dubstep remixes and beats for little over a year now. As a fan of dubstep and bass I’ve heard a lot of the same DUBs and WUBs that I’ve always heard. You can see that some producers really have a grasp for totally changing a song and making it their own creation. Others take a simple beat and there’s not much to it. With JohnBrah (&  sometimes Svyable) songs that I personally love such as Paramore’s CrushCrushCrush or Tyga’s Coconut Juice turn into dubstep bangers.

This new song he has remixed called Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides is too awesome. Black Veil Brides is a screamo band. I love me some rock, but I’m not totally in love with screamo, BUT this track was so perfect that I didn’t mind it. The scream-step or dub-o mix he did with this song works so well. There’s enough rock, scream, and dub to make this so kickass.

Make sure to check this tune and him at

Follow him on twitter at: @JohnBrah

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All White Rappers vs. Eminem


I understand that Eminem was the first to make it big as a white rapper, so he paved the way for young rappers coming up now….But nowadays these white rappers don’t even spit their verves like Em. We don’t need to have this conversation every time a new white rapper emerges.

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We Are Young & Over It

We Are Young by Fun. Ft Janelle Monae

I really love this song, but I can’t get away from it. It’s everywhere. LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!

I’ll be standing in the elevator… it’s on!

Any radio station that it doesn’t even fit on… it’s on!

Radio commercials about miscellaneous junk… it’s on!

Every Chevy commercial… it’s on!

Advertising for sports on ESPN… it’s on!

Shopping in the mothafreakn’ mall… it’s on!

Thought I was safe in the bookstore, NOPE!… it’s mothatruckn’ on!

MOST OVERUSED SONG OF 2012 GOES TO WE ARE YOUNG!  It’s a good one. I’ll give them that, but there are million artist out there you couldn’t have done some unique research? Good for Fun. They’re making BANK, but I’m tired of it. Please stop this madness.

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Now Playing: ELIM

Today I bring you a hip-hop meets pop meets rock meets electronic dance music duet from Manassas, Virginia. Mike & Mark Longhelt are a brother combination that work so well together to make ELIM.

When I took my first sample of their music I listened to ‘Say Yes’, which is available on iTunes, I only thought they were a pop group. I heard Mike singing and there were a few words from Mark, but I was surprised when I heard him start rapping. ELIM’s music is truly a gift that never stops giving. For a person that loves all different types of music they are the prefect band.

To me, I could hear all of those awesome gifts in ‘Can’t Stop Us.” There’s a heavy guitar element, so first you’re feeling a little rock star then, Mark comes out spitting his rap. That’s when I am saying to myself, “Oh shit, I’m feeling like a rock star AND a B.A rapper!” Then, Mike starts singing and I feel like I have an angel sweet side, but I am also dancing because the beat makes you want to get up! This song is a personal favorite.

ELIM shows that they can get low or they can get high or they can meet you somewhere in the middle. They’ve got slow songs, fast songs, dance songs, and songs that I know anyone will enjoy. They’re different, unique and totally fresh. Take a minute to look them up and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!


GENRE – Pop/ Electronic/Hip-Hop


TWITTER – @ELIMtheband

Now Playing: Moh Sohrabi

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Now Playing because I didn’t want to write about music that I didn’t fully love. This morning I was on the hunt for good music and I came up being blown away by this guy named Moh Sohrabi. I’m completely blown away that I don’t even know where to start. To the beginning, I guess?

Moh Sohrabi is a young guy from Northern Virginia. He’s basically from my backyard. When I say that I mean that he’s from the same city that I live in and I believe he attends one of my high schools rivals. So, I’m definitely supporting a hometown artist today.

As a reviewer I’ve heard a lot of music and comparing upcoming artist to famous artist comes natural. The only person I could really compare him to is Mac Miller because of the way he flows with his lyrics and his voice which are two things that caught my attention from the start.

Sohrabi raps to the hottest radio hits and he makes them his own. I took the time to listen all of the tracks he had on his ReverbNation page. First, I listened to him rap some well know rap beats like Aston Martin Music, Fireman, and Who Dat. Then, he took Ke$ha’s Tik Tok beat and rap to that. It’s cool that he can rap to anything, but it’s even better that he can make it flow.

There’s the beat, the flow and of course the lyrics. The lyrics to his songs have edge, fire, and feelings. Sometimes when I listen to artist I listen to the first song on their track list and It’s the most amazing song they have and as I go down I feel less impressed. With Moh Sohrabi, I get more and more impressed by how he uses his words. He also uses another language for time to time. This guy has passion and being passionate is the best because the words carry more meaning. ‘Dope Shit’ was just as it says in the title. It was Dope Shit. I can’t pick a favorite. I can’t recommend listening to just one song. I recommend listening to at least the first 5 songs. Then, I know you’ll be hooked.

I could use more of my words to express how great of a rapper this artist is, but I don’t think you’ll be able to grasp the full awesomeness that is Moh Sohrabi. If he made a mixtape, I’d buy three copies and tell my friends to buy it. I’d even get my family to buy it. Seriously. So, stop reading this, open a new tab or whatever, and check this guy out!

ARTIST – Moh Sohrabi

GENRE – Hip Hop/ Rap

MUSIC –  &

TWITTER – @MohSohrabi

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Now Playing: TkO

Today my music review takes us into the world of Electronic flash Dance with a little House splashed with Dub. As of late there has been a lot of artist, such as Britney Spears and The Black Eyed Peas, that are using more electronic or dance type feel to their music. Many people who love mainstream music don’t realize that there’s a whole group and movement with Electronic music. There are people that have been making this music way before Britney Spears. I have a young artist, age 19, recently started in this music genre.  I say recently as in the last 4 or 5 years of his life picked up producing this music. He’s from London, UK and his name is TkO. I received a message to check out his music and I thought sure why not. When I heard “Call The Amb’b’Lance” I instantly started moving my shoulders and saying, “there’s a fire”.  The backbeats are composed very well and the chipped voice is perfectly spaced. After the first time I listened to that song the words were imbedded in my head. I found myself an hour later saying, “There’s a fire, there’s a fire”.  From a song like “A Love Letter For Ms. Rogers” and “I Left My Heart In Durban” you can see how all over the map this guy can be. He isn’t only using Electronic dub beats. He puts a piano, strings, Hip-hop bass, drums, etc. People who make music want to express themselves, but at the same time differ from everything you’ve already heard. TkO expresses himself and differs from most of the music I’ve heard. He’s music shows no boundaries and I like that. There’s a fire starting in my heart and it will start in yours when you check out his music.


GENRE – Electronica/ Dance/ House/ Dub

MUSIC –!/tkizzo


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Now Playing: Mikeyy

Today I’m switching things up to review a talented youngster that goes by Mikeyy, who is from Landover, Maryland. I haven’t yet reviewed a musician and what I mean by that is I haven’t reviewed someone based only on the music. Usually there are lyrics and vocals to judge, but today I am in a whole new territory. Sometimes people forgot that there are producers involved with the artists. Most times an artist doesn’t make the beat by themselves they have a producer that sends them a beat to rap or sing to. To produce music you have to really know music. You have to be able to know when to add more or less bass, drums, piano, guitar, etc. There are so many things that go into making a great beat and Mikeyy knows what he is doing. When you listen to an instrumental having good headphones is key because you can hear all elements that went into making the music what it is. For example when I listened to “My Time, Your Time, Our Time, Christmas Time” without my headphones I didn’t get the full effect of what he had done. I could hear the heavy beat and the piano which I thought was soothing, but then I listened with my Koss Pro DJ headphones and I discovered a whole another element to the song. There’s drums playing in the background that gives the song more of a rhythmic bounce. By listening to Mikeyy’s instrumental beats you see that this guy knows what he is doing. Not only is he talented, he’s young. He’s only 16 years old making his passion into a job. People say that music right now is losing the heart it used to have, but with young and talented people like Mikeyy, there’s hope that the music industry won’t completely be full of meaningless music. So, if you need a beat/instrumental Mikeyy is sure to supply you with something that won’t disappoint.

ARTIST – Mikeyy

GENRE – Instrumentals


TWITTER – @TheMikeyyMusic

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