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The Swankee Way To Have Water

I was doing my daily search on on news. They’ve got a story saying that drinking 8 glasses of water is an old rule. To me it’s quite impressive to successfully drink 8 glasses of water. I’ve tried many times to remember to drink water. I even get a huge water bottle that I can refill, but I’m either too busy or I forget. Most times I’m too busy to remember that I need a drink or even that I need to eat. But they say now that there’s a new rule to replace  8 glasses of water. Cucumber and Watermelon are 90% water and have antioxidants. I’m sure I can do this. I love both of those foods, so I can do that. I also don’t have to have a massive amount of them. It’s the swankee new way to have water!

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The Kobe System

Have you had success at success at success?

The Swankee-ist quote I’ve heard on a commercial. I love it. If you haven’t seen Kobe Bryant’s new commercials for his new shoes it’s definitely something to check out. I would warn that if you don’t like Kobe or you think he is cocky, you’ll hate the commercials. #Kobesystem

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