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Chase Tinker & The House of Destiny BOOK REVIEW

Chase Tinker & The House of Destiny by Malia Ann Haberman

5 out of 5 read rating


In Chase Tinker’s world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination…
For eight agonizing months Chase Tinker’s guilt over the despicable act he committed on Halloween night has been eating away at his heart and mind. Chase’s life gets even more complicated when secrets about the mysterious Relic in the attic are revealed right before an unexpected visitor arrives on
the day of Chase’s fourteenth birthday.
Despite his problems, his biggest concern is that his family’s Dark Enemy, the Marlowe Family, is becoming more powerful with each passing day, fueled by the energy they continue to pillage from the many magical beings of the world. If Chase and his family are ever going to win, they will need a whole lot of magical help. They must destroy the most evil threat the world has ever known!

Malia’s website:

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Meeting the pilgrims #dailyprompt #6

Prompt: You are an Indian meeting the pilgrims

I always think about this because today when you’re going to meet someone for the first time you can look them up on the internet and they probably are up there on some site. But the indians had no warnings that people were going to come over and visit. Being an Indian I would have been scared and I probably would have thought that maybe this was a bad omen. I might also have thought that these people were just different kinds of people because they look just like us, but don’t have the same skin or talk like us. There is a way that animals act and there is a way that humans act and it is very different. I think by the way they acted when they first came I would be scared with their guns and weapons. I would try to be polite because I feel that Indians are polite people.


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Bad or Good Witch? #prompt 6

Prompt #6: Are you a good or bad witch?

I would chose to be a good witch. The thing about being a good witch is that you are fighting to have peace and for everyone to be happy in the world. I could be a totally good witch if the world I was in was always good, but I think that I would have to make some decisions that could be taken as bad. Like having to hurt someone because they are bad or changing someone’s thoughts to be good. Who says I have to right to do such things so does that make me bad or good. If I have the best at heart does that mean it’s good? If I had to kill a rabbit for a spell would peta hate me even if this would make everything in the world better and fair? I think it would be harder to be a good witch, but I would try.

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Worst Crime You Can Think Of #prompt 5

Prompt #5: Worst crime you can think of

I think the worst crime I can think of would be to kill someone. Having life is the most important thing. With a life no matter how good or how bad it is there is always a chance to improve yours or someone else’s. Taking a life is taking away an opportunity for that person to ever become or make something out of the world and themselves. Other crimes you can commit, but people can move on from them. They may be hurt for life, but it is up to them to make the most of life because they still have it. Basically everyone should try to find a way to love their life because there are people that didn’t even get a chance to have a full one. 

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A Snail’s Journey Up A Tree: Prompt #4

Prompt #4: A Snail’s journey up a tree

The snail is on this journey up the tree because it is a challenge to prove you are an amazing snail. At the top of the tree is some kind of fruit or special leaf that only grows up there. The snail must grab it and come back down to show everyone. On his journey he meets a bird, weather, other bugs and other things that happen on trees. Probably a kids story that wouldn’t be so long because I’m running out of details to put in here. LOL


Of course if you have a better answer to this prompt share with me.


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Daily Writing Prompt #3

Prompt #3: Under the covers

The main character is a boy who is on a winter vacation and he is snowed in with his family. One night he is very cold and asks his father for extra blankets. His father brings a very old blanket that has been in the family for a very long time. This blanket has magic powers that can take you into a fairy tale story. The boy finds himself in another world on a magical adventure. When he finishes the journey he comes out and his father asks him if the blanket kept him warm as an inside joke to let his son know he knows what happens when you go under the covers.

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Daily Writing Prompt #2

Prompt #2: You befriend a robot

The main character is a son of two government science technology engineers. They’ve always lived in the nation’s capital where his parents worked in the science headquarters, but his parents are always going away for research on their projects. Then, his parents are killed in a lab explosion. His parents have said that if anything happens to call this number. The number leads to this robot who he comes friends with to find out what happened to his family and protect their research which is the turning humans into robots for the government.


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Daily Writing Prompt No. 1

Prompt: You can speak to fish.

The main character is a guy who is a lifeguard for a beach. He is a typical surfer guy with sun died blonde hair, perfect tan, and muscles.

He wakes up one morning in the lifeguard shack as he always does. He is half awake stumbling around getting dressed and fixing something to eat. Then, he comes to his fish tank where he feeds his fish. Then, the fish starts to talk, “I hate these stupid dry flakes you give me.” The fish has an attitude, if you hadn’t noticed. The lifeguard can hear the fish and he’s looking around like did you just speak to me? The fish can’t believe that the guy can understand him. The fish is just like, “This guy is going crazy.” The guy starts having a conversation with the fish asking how this happened and how can he understand the fish. The lifeguard is freaking out trying to pinch himself and sticks his hand in the grease of the bacon that he was making for breakfast when he realizes that this is real. As he is trying to figure out what’s happening there’s a siren about a shark being in the water. He goes out to search and make sure the water is clear. When he gets out in the water he and the shark start having a conversation, but the people in the shore think that he is being attacked. His lifeguard buddy comes jumping into the water to get him out. The guy starts getting really angry because he was in the middle of a conversation and his buddy is confused because he thinks he saw his friend trying to talk to the shark. The guy tells his buddy to leave him alone. The guy goes back to his shack where he and his fish start talking and because he’s breakfast is ruined and his buddy is here he decides to take the fish in a cup with him to a diner on the boardwalk. He is trying to talk to the fish while people stare at him to figure out why he can talk to fish and why he can talk to them now.


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Young Author Celebrates Learning Disabilities Month

The other day I posted a blog about being able to write a book in a week. Some people are born to write and I was one of them, but it wasn’t always apparent that I would be a writer. Before I had this ambitious dream to not go to college and be an author, I was a fifth grader reading at a third grade level.

I would like to say that I was horrible at everything. I loved loved loved learning, but when I was tested on a subject it seemed like I wasn’t learning at all. It bummed me out when I never had a sticker on my paper. My teachers, even in third grade, were asking for me to stay after to re think things. On projects I always got high marks because I had a creative mind. I was always looking for a way to take a project to the next level. I remember having a project on animals and I video taped an interview with a giraffe or my project on “Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William Mckinley and Me, Elizabeth” I made a quilt to show the stages of the book. My way of showing what I was learning was different from everyone else.

Different. I don’t think teachers were trained to have different kids in their class. I had teachers that were older and they were set in their ways. It was as if they didn’t see that kids could have different ways of going about things. I don’t know whether they didn’t have time to help or didn’t think the extra help would work. One of my teachers told my mom that I just need to work harder, but they didn’t understand that I was frustrated because I was giving them 110%.

Finally in fourth grade I had a younger teacher, who paid attention to detail. She saw that I was writing letters backwards and even forgetting whole words. Looking back I can remember one time when she asked me to write with her. I talked and she wrote everything I said. I had always been a great talker and I think she realized that I could talk well, but something was happening when I tried to write. She talked to my mom and I got tested. It makes me so happy that I’m almost in tears that she got me tested. Being tested was a turning point in my life.

They found that I had auditory processing disorder. My brain couldn’t process things like other people. I was getting the message, but when it came to spitting it back out on a test I couldn’t do it. Fifth grade was a learning year. I was placed in the special small classes and given many different ways to complete test. I absolutely loved the small classes. I really felt cared for in those classes. I was still a bit shy when asking questions about things I didn’t understand, but my confidence started to build.

My first A in math in fifth grade was one of the happiest moments for me and my mom. I was dancing around in the kitchen singing the I’ve got an A song. My butt was shaking. I didn’t care I was on top of the world. From that moment on I’ve always had the attitude that practicing and working hard I can do anything. I used to think that I was just horrible at everything, but I wasn’t. I just had different way of seeing things and finally I was being taught the way my brain needed.

I remember riding in the car with my mom and her explaining that I have a learning disability. She was explaining everything that was going to happen and the meetings I would have to attend with her. After she explained everything to me, I quickly told her that I don’t have a disability I have a difference. Learning disability to says that I have thing that’s disabling me from learning. No, I’m not limited on things I can learn. I only learn differently from everyone else. The Individual Education Plan or I.E.P that I got explained why I learned differently. I think this made my mom happy to know that I didn’t look down on myself.

By high school I was caught up to a normal reading and writing level. I still had trouble with a few things and I went into small classes for certain subjects. I was good with asking questions and making sure that my teachers taught in ways that I could understand. My counselor wasn’t the easiest person to talk to. To me, she was lazy. I would tell her that a teacher doesn’t pay me any attention and I needed extra help, but wasn’t receiving it. She would tell me to just put up with it. I skipped over talking to her. I went straight to my LD office and they would say this is what your IEP says and you aren’t receiving it, so we will get you into another class. I spoke up and got what I needed.

Aside from teachers there were also students in and outside of classes that seemed to look down on the LD program. I had many classmates see me alk into my small class room and say are you in a stupid class? why is your class so small? You know the small special classes are for stupid people? Then there were people in my own small classes that would say to people, we’re in small classes. we are stupid. I HATED THIS! Of course I stood up for the classes and I stood up for people in that class. We aren’t stupid. We learn differently and we learn at a different pace. We are learning the same thing as everyone else and we take the same standard state test. I don’t let people talk bad about a program that has helped me succeed.

The learning disabilities/ difference program helped me plan out my thoughts that I could see in my mind. The planning that I used for small projects when I was in elementary school helped me and continues to help me. I believe that the LD program turned me into the fast writer that I am today. I am a success story. I’m so grateful to all the teachers and parents that supported me and taught me to be a better me.

I’m always explaining to new kids in the program that they aren’t stupid. Don’t let anyone tell you that. You pay attention in your classes, you do your work and you will see that what these teachers in this program are teaching you will help you in the future. So many people are surprised with what happens after they are put into a program where teachers work with them and care for them individual.

Sometimes I think I should be a motivational speakers as well. (:


Ellie Grace

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Grime Diary: The American Interpretation

Grime Diary: The American Interpretation is my newest story. This story will be a free kindle ebook.

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