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This morning I woke up earlier than I normally do. As of late, I have been unable to sleep very long even though I know i am going to be tired later on in the day. My mind is racing with things that I need to do. This morning I worked out, took a shower, had soup for breakfast and looked up MFA programs.

It’s still the morning and I feel like I’ve done so much. The research on MFA programs made me realize that I really don’t want to be in a program like that. There was an article that said if you know you’re direction and you’ve already got a strong sense of what you’re doing then MFA isn’t for you. I think that’s me in so many ways.

What I want as a writer if I were to join a program:

People that love to write.

People that want to wrote together to help each other become successful.

People that have some experience in the writing world that I could learn from.

I think I need a mentor or a writing circle of people that come a write. They write and they feed off each other. I also need a mentor because I am always unsure if I should study writing or if I should become something else. My thought is I’ll always be able to go to college, so why not try going for a writing career for a little while?

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I am almost deadly focused on my writing. Many people are out there getting into trouble or experimenting and living life as they like to call it, but I’d rather sit inside and write. To me my writing is my future. Writing is what I see myself doing as a career. So I feel that I have to have more than my foot in the door by the next coming year. I am doing everything on my own which puts a lot of added pressure on me, but I don’t mind. When I finish a novel project I feel more accomplished because I’ve written the book, edited the book, design the cover, and have done the promotion for it. This next book that I am working on will be my third published book and I want it to be something special. I’ve tried to go all out with everything I am doing for this book. I’ll have an amazing cover front to back, amazing promotional cards, funny stickers, and maybe even some youtube videos. I am really happy about this book. I can’t wait to share it with everyone out there! (:

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