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Why Are You Bicycling In The Road

Today I was driving my car down the road. Let me first tell you about the road and the weather. It was a gloomy and rainy day. The roads were pretty wet and water was being kicked up from car tires. The neighborhood road which is heavily traveled by many as a back route had sidewalks put into their neighborhood not too long ago. The people that live here campaigned for a sidewalk and they got it. BUT THEY NEVER USE IT! I absolutely love sidewalks. Just like roads, sidewalks were made for a reason. They were made for you to walk(/do whatever else that’s not driving) on the side of the road. I understand when the sidewalk is taken up by a dog walker, a mother with a stroller or an elder couple walking slowly & you feel that you have to dive into the street to go around them. I wouldn’t want to have to slow my bike down for these people either, but when there’s no one on the sidewalk and you’re blocking the road.. It’s time to jump the curb. Laws say that if you’re going to bike on the road you must act like a car. So, I would think that you would go the same speed as all other cars. Maybe we need a biker lane here, but seriously these roads were made for cars. People say the road is smoother and all that.. Fine. Ride on the road when it’s not rush hour.. please and thank you. Plus, for the people that also jog in the road.. That’s totally uncalled for. You don’t even have wheels. Get on the sidewalk.

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