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Self Publishing Is Traditional

I’m a self publisher. 20 years old and I’m working on publishing my tenth book.

People argue that self publishing is bad and self publishing doesn’t have the quality that traditional publishers do, but I argue that self publishing is the most traditional way of publishing. Before there were publishing houses writers sat and hand wrote their short stories to share with people and before that people would pay to hear a story told of distant places. People were creating all by themselves. They were finding ways to get their work out and be paid for it.

Many people don’t realize that so many of the famous stories we love and look back to were self published first. Whether their stories were first denied by publishers or they self published first, they were self published. I can’t stand people who say all self published books are horrible because it’s very likely that a book you love was once self published.

It is traditional to share talents. It is traditional to put your foot out about something you’re passionate about. It is traditional to try to make money doing what you love to do. It is also traditional to take chances. Self publishers put themselves out there and work very hard to promote writings that they believe in. I say taking chances and that makes me laugh because it seems like I’m asking you to read a huge self published novel with a cover that has words misspelled.  No, that is not what I’m asking. I’m only asking that you don’t throw all self publishing authors in the same bin.

As for self publishing authors, I’m sticking up for us, but you better write the best gosh darn novel! (LOL.) Don’t put out crap. Edit and re-edit. Ask a friend, family member or me to read through what you write. You know what your novel is supposed to say, but someone else reading it only reads what it does say. For self publishing authors giving free ebooks is the best way to gain readers and test your foot in the publishing waters.

Self publishing is traditional. Putting your self and your work out there is traditional. It’s ordinary to share your work, but you hope that people find your work more extraordinary than anyone else in your field. So, good luck.



Ellie Grace



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Editor Search = Frustrating!

I’m on the hunt for an editor. I’ve been on a hunt since last month. I really didn’t think finding an editor would be so hard, but I’ve got limited funds and a huge story, so that may be were the problem is. I am young blood, so I’m not looking to spend thousands of dollars on an editor. There are many avenues to go down when looking for an editor and for me I’ve got no one helping pick which one is best. These are the avenues I’ve been trying and you can let me know if maybe I need to find another angle.

Craigslist – I posted on craigslist under the gig section. I thought that maybe I could find a college student that would like to help and better there skills as an editor. This was a huge fail because everyone wanted hundreds of dollars and I got a lot of negative feedback saying that nobody would do such a thing for free.

Beta readers – These are the people that work for free. They’ll critique, look over the whole story, and even focus on grammar and punctuation. Some worked on novel length stories, but this search is hard because first I’m writing about LGBT themed problems, and I’ve also written a 80k story. I’m still hoping I can find one there.

Professional Editors – I really haven’t looked into it. I’ve seen ads and people have told me how much their rates are and it seems all too much for me. I hear that if you’re serious about writing sometimes you’ve got to spend a little money, but I don’t know if 25cent per word is fair. I understand that’s their job, but seriously?

I am so lost as to which avenue I should go down. There aren’t many sites that explain which is the best option. Most people are money hungry, but I know there’s got to be a way that either party feels cheated. If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions comment this!

Have a wonderful day! (:

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