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Get off MY road!

So, a lot of my friends that get in my car and drive around with me realize I have necessary road rage. There’s necessary road rage and uncalled for road rage. I think I am being reasonable with my road rage. Let’s see what you think.

slow old people crossing the road in the crosswalk – I’m totally fine with this. They’ve got to go buy their groceries and I understand their elders.

old people walking slow across the street diagonal – It takes longer to do and I dislike it so much. Please, just follow the straight line across the road. It’s easy for me to know that you’ll make it across sooner. It’s like mid walk they change their mind.

children and parents crossing the street – I can’t stand these parents that walk ahead of their children, but then realize that half way through their kid is still playing attention to their toy and not walking right behind them. Then, they have to go back take junior by the arm and slowly but surely cross the street. Maybe you should say ready set go with your kids and make sure everyone is ready to walk across. That way I don’t have to wait for you and your five kids to cross.

crossing the street slowly just because– there are people that run up to the cross walk but once they’re in it they go extra slow. Not just your average slow but they just had a knee operation slow. Or there’s the people that oh my this car is waiting for me, but then they have the nerve to look back at the people that their with who are five feet back and wait in the middle of the road. I didn’t sign up to wait for your and your family. You were at the cross walk I let you go, they’ll have to wait for the next opening. Or next time you wait for them before you go charging into the road.

Now, correct way to walk across the street – Walk swiftly as you can because this is not a stroll through the park, if you’re old you’ve got a slow speed limit I understand, walk behind your kids and get them across with ease, and don’t look back for anyone. You’re in the street. I’m paying attention to what I am doing and clearly you should too.

IF IT’S RAINING – I let everyone go because I feel bad that you’re in the rain. I’m dry, so it doesn’t matter to me.

Please cross the road like you have some where to be. I mean it’s not like you’re going to your own funeral. Target isn’t going to kill you. Be happy you can walk!

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Now Playing: Mikeyy

Today I’m switching things up to review a talented youngster that goes by Mikeyy, who is from Landover, Maryland. I haven’t yet reviewed a musician and what I mean by that is I haven’t reviewed someone based only on the music. Usually there are lyrics and vocals to judge, but today I am in a whole new territory. Sometimes people forgot that there are producers involved with the artists. Most times an artist doesn’t make the beat by themselves they have a producer that sends them a beat to rap or sing to. To produce music you have to really know music. You have to be able to know when to add more or less bass, drums, piano, guitar, etc. There are so many things that go into making a great beat and Mikeyy knows what he is doing. When you listen to an instrumental having good headphones is key because you can hear all elements that went into making the music what it is. For example when I listened to “My Time, Your Time, Our Time, Christmas Time” without my headphones I didn’t get the full effect of what he had done. I could hear the heavy beat and the piano which I thought was soothing, but then I listened with my Koss Pro DJ headphones and I discovered a whole another element to the song. There’s drums playing in the background that gives the song more of a rhythmic bounce. By listening to Mikeyy’s instrumental beats you see that this guy knows what he is doing. Not only is he talented, he’s young. He’s only 16 years old making his passion into a job. People say that music right now is losing the heart it used to have, but with young and talented people like Mikeyy, there’s hope that the music industry won’t completely be full of meaningless music. So, if you need a beat/instrumental Mikeyy is sure to supply you with something that won’t disappoint.

ARTIST – Mikeyy

GENRE – Instrumentals

MUSIC – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mikeyy-/101121149934543?ref=ts

TWITTER – @TheMikeyyMusic

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Now Playing: SON!X

For my second Now Playing review I am reviewing an artist that goes by SON!X. I found SON!X on Reverbnation.com in my local section. As a resident of Northern Virgina artists from D.C. are close to me. SON!X is a different type of artist that could have his on category. I say this because first I listened to “Senses” and I thought yes, this is pop and dance, but then I listened to “Coffee (That Girl)” and I thought this sounds a little more soul. Not soul like gospel, but soul like letting your soul out in a soft compassionate way that R&B does. I might also think that he is soulful because I feel like a soul was put into his music. Sung from the heart is the easiest way to say it. “Senses” is a sassy and seductive song. I can envision a music video with a hot chick and a hot dude feeling attracted to each other and a little slow motion. Makes me want to get up and dance slow and move my hips like a belly dancer. Then, “My Lov” had me bouncing my shoulders when the song started. The beat, the lyrics, the voice just had me going. I can’t sing like him, but this song will have you trying your best. SON!X can be placed with  Michael Jackson and Prince, people who he was influenced by, although his music is very unique. SON!X’s voice is smooth and different. His songs are upbeat and fun. Whether you’re looking for something sassy, fun, unique or just want to dance SON!X should be on the list of artist you check out.


LABEL – Unsigned

GENRE – Pop/Dance

MUSIC – http://www.reverbnation.com/sonixsonix


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Handmade & Handcrafted

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know that today is the day I should have a love post, but I’m not really a mushy person. I’m romantic, but without the gush. Today, I just want to talk about how much I love handmade and handcrafted things.

Since I was in middle school I’ve been more about people putting thought into gifts they give me. Many people think that the bigger the gift the more I appreciate them. I always have to tell people that I don’t really want anything big, I don’t want anything that costs too much. I don’t need any of that. I love handmade notes, letters, cards, cakes, etc. I’m a very crafty person so many people when they make a card they think that I won’t like it, but when you put your heart into something it shows. I just want to see that people didn’t rush out and buy something. I like the thought and the feeling of being cared about. Is that so corny? I feel like it’s rather corny, but it’s the truth.It’s almost like how I love writing letters. Mostly because I love writing to people and people love receiving things in the mail that aren’t bills or junk.

To me handmade, handcrafted presents are the best. They mean so much more than the normal store bought item. Although sometimes it’s okay to switch up what you do. Enjoy the day of hearts.

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You Can!

You can! What does this mean? It means exactly what it says. You can. You can do whatever you set your mind on. Some things aren’t accepted by the public and some are rather dangerous, so I would stay away from those, but anything else you can do and you should do.


As a young person that has finished high school and didn’t go to college it can be tough. Most people don’t understand how tough it’s been. I want to be a successful author. I know I can be successful I just have to keep working hard. Many people support my decision to follow my own path to become a writer, but it seems sometimes the path is lonely. I love writing. Writing is MY thang. I don’t want to be anything else if I can’t be writer. So, even when people think I sit at home all day and do nothing with my time, or even when people think that I probably won’t make it without having a degree, I push forward because in my mind I already see myself achieving my goal. I told my parents that I’d publish a book before I left high school and I did. I feel like I can always reach my goals. To some people they think I have set a really high goal for myself, but I don’t think it’s that far. I think I’ve ready started on the ladder of success.

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massage therapist

I have decided that I should stick to my writing career and become a massage therapist. <— that doesn’t make an sense, but I will, of course, explain. As a writer it may take a while to make it big in the business, so you need to have a back up job or hobby. For me since I don’t really like the idea of sitting in college classes to study something that’s really going to be second place to my writing doesn’t really make sense. So, I’m going to become a massage therapist. yay me! I like giving massages. I used to give massages to people during classes or to calm them down and to many family members I’ve got good hands. I think that’s something that I could do while I am still writing. LOOK OUT THE WRITER IS GOING TO BE MASSAGE YOUR BACK! I DON’T DO FEEET! (:

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