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NOVA is…

Northern Virginia is it’s own place. People from Northern Virgina don’t say they are JUST from Virginia. We say we are from Northern Virginia. We don’t want to be confused with the hicks that are farming in Southern Virginia. We don’t want to be confused with the confused people in West Virginia. We want to be thrown in with the almost city people of Northern Virginia. Now if you’re from Northern Virginia and you are explaining to someone where you live naturally you’d say how far it is to the nation’s capital. “I live in Fairfax, VA.” “Oh, where is that?” “It’s in Northern Virginia. About 20-15 minutes away from D.C.” “OH, WOOOW. COOL.” ….BUT! If you say you live in D.C. but you actually live in Northern Virginia both places are likely to disown you. They might be close together, but they are worlds apart. NEXT! Claiming you are part of the DMV. DC, MD, VA. You CANNOT be part of the DMV if you don’t live in NOVA..


Stay classy, NOVA.

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