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Fried Bubblegum!

Fried Bubblegum! This was the big hit this year. Everyone was talking about it. Even people that hadn’t been to the fair were talking about the fried bubblegum. I just hate when things don’t leave up to the hype. Fried bubblegum wasn’t a party in my mouth at all. Fried bubblegum was like getting a balloon being really happy with it and then someone pops it or like buying an ice cream cone walking away and dropping the ice cream before the first lick. It was such a fail for me. It tasted like hot bubblegum flavored marshmallows. As I ate it people walked by gawking at me and trying to see my reaction. I tried to stay calm for the people around me. I gave a thumbs up even though I really wanted to throw up.  I later passed by the bubblegum stand and saw many people have this reaction on their faces that was the same one I would have had if there hadn’t been a crowd watching me eat. It was a very upsetting taste, but at least I can say I tried it.

Stay tasty, ellie grace.

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