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I’m Taking My Talents…

I’m taking my talents and I am moving to So… I mean, OMG! THE MAVERICKS WON! I’m so very happy that Miami didn’t win. This wasn’t their year. I am not going to talk about this all day, but AHHHHHH!

While we’re on the subject of talents, let’s talk about mine! I’ve decided that I want to make handbags. I think that I can use my sewing talents and my creative designer talents into a handbag business. From what I hear it’s pretty easy to get into the craft shows. The hard part will becoming with enough product. I’m going to start my business plan today.

As much as I’m getting a little crazy by how much I’ve got to do, I am in love with this. I’ve got one book being published this week, another book I am designing the cover today and a few other books that need to be written. It’s amazing how much I can get done within a week.

I will be updating on my crafty new projects!

Please check out my website http://www.elliegracebooks.weebly.com

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