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MixBit App Is Beautiful

Hey creative minds! I’m here to introduce you to a new app called MixBit.

Now, If you’ve been to the app store you know there are millions of different apps and there are a lot of people forcing their apps on you, but MixBit is an app worth having.

I’ve never been a person that has all the latest apps. I usually go to the app store, get what I need and get out. No playing around to see what’s out there. My sister is big on apps. Her iphone is full of apps for different uses and even with my friends I feel like I’m lacking in the app arena. So, I said when I have the time I will actually take a look at these apps. I was on my ipad which searches both iphone and Ipad apps. I came across MixBit.

Here are the key things I saw when I was browsing whether to download MixBit:

1) From the creators of Youtube

– If the creators of Youtube are coming up with a new app, it’s definitely worth checking out.

2) MixBit app helps people create videos TOGETHER

– Keyword there is together. I don’t know what it is, but I like to be connected. I like to make a connection with other people. I also believe that many brains are better than one. The possibilities seem endless.

3) The Mixbit website lets users collaborate with each other and remix videos uploaded by the community. Visitors to MixBit.com can make their own videos without shooting original content by remixing video clips they find on the site.

-Collaborate is another keyword for me. As well as being able to create new videos without shooting original context. There are some people who are more about telling a story than actually filming the stories.

So, I downloaded the app and started to really have some fun.

First video is called Being Healthy? Which features my face a lot.


These other two have been created using other content found on the website.



I have made a few more videos on there, but I think you get the picture from these. As an author and writer as many of my blog followers are, this app is a very straight forward thing. As a writer I know that stories have a beginning, middle and an end. That is the exact same with remixes on MixBit. You take any clips you want and tell a story. For me this is so much fun. I think it’s probably too much fun for me right now.

I feel that many people on MixBit right now aren’t sure what it is they are supposed to be doing. They’re treating MixBit like any other video sharing app. Right now when I make a MixBit remix video I try to include a lot of clips to include a lot of users. Why? I want to show people the potential their clips have and what they could do with a simple video about sipping coffee or whatever it may be.

If you feel that MixBit is just like any other video app then you’re doing it wrong. MixBit takes short clip creation like Vine & Instagram and remixes it to where you could create hours on one video with the help of people worldwide.

Don’t be nervous about creating your first video. I was definitely nervous about making my first remix, but you have to just go for it. Once you start searching for clips, placing them together and watching the final product you will enjoy yourself. You will start to see why I have fallen in love with this app.

This is a very new app right now, so I’m sure there will be changes and/or upgrades, in the end all I can say is MixBit is beautiful.





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