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Fairfax Virginia and Traffic

Disclosure: The amount of traffic in Fairfax, Virginia gets me a tad on the hulk side. Please excuse my green skin and bulging  muscles.

SEVEN AM. My car doors open and my car doors close. I put on 88.5 (NPR) to give me an educational drive.

Braddock Road- Back up passed the side entrance to Mason. Not smart because Robinson, Mason, Oak View and kids driving to the other side of the city to Woodson and Frost are on the road to. Oh, yeah and then after you thought you passed University Mall it doesn’t stop. Trinity private school is also unloading kids.

Main street- Two minutes decides whether you are ahead of the crowd or in it. Sooo many lights. Pray the lights are timed right and the person in front of you is paying attention.

Little River Turnpike- OMG! I NEVER NEVER want to be on this road after 4. You go through light after light and there isn’t much you can do to get out of driving on that road. There was a bit of construction, but it’s getting better.

Fairfax County Parkway- You take my heart and soul. I swear it’s always a new thing. The construction closes and opens lanes. You can only go about 40 mph, but people insist on going about 70 mph. There’s trucks coming into traffic and workers walking around the road. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ONE AND ONE! I GO! YOU GO! OMG! I can’t wait for it to be done, but I’ve no clue when that’s going to happen.

The main roads suck. If you know back routes keep them a secret because they are probably the same back roads I’m trying to use. & before you go out make sure your car is stocked with happy music and a water bottle (sun burned in traffic has happened to me.)

stay happy, fairfax.

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