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Now Playing: Condoms & Condiments by Bob Swags

Now Playing: Condoms & Condiments (mixtape) by Bob Swags.

With a mixtape name like ‘Condoms & Condiments you know it’s bound to be a party, & this mixtape proves to be nothing less than that. Bob Swags is a rapper from New Haven, Connecticut. He isn’t just a rapper though. He’s an electro rapper which is unique and also seems to be a lot more fun. I couldn’t compare this mixtape to any other that I’ve heard because who does a whole mixtape of rapping with electro beats and a bit of autotune? Not many, but if I had to say what his sound is like… I would say Jason Derulo party beat + a little Derulo autotune + Mac Miller’s flow mixed into one swag child. That’s right. I just said swag child. (I never say swag.) Every song has a new beat and a new feel. You go from too drunk to drive to 10 drinks that’s far too many and 10 joints I’m far too kind to singing in Love Suicide. My personal favorite is Feelin’ Like which has over 1,000 views on youtube.  It’s such a fun mixtape and Bob Swags has sucha great flow you would have thought this was his third mixtape. The future looks good for this guy.

check out the mixtape at: http://www.datpiff.com/Bob-Swags-Condoms-Condiments-mixtape.317712.html

add him on twitter: bobswags

Feelin’ Like on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX1fOLRiVaE

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All White Rappers vs. Eminem


I understand that Eminem was the first to make it big as a white rapper, so he paved the way for young rappers coming up now….But nowadays these white rappers don’t even spit their verves like Em. We don’t need to have this conversation every time a new white rapper emerges.

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