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Lyrics Today Suck!

I love music. From the instruments used to create the background to the lyrics and flow the artist unleashes. A good beat alone cannot make up for the artist lack of flow and lyrical talent. I’m not a big fan of listening to anything on the radio. I get into the car and plug in my ipod before I hear anything. Many artists are very talented when it comes to flow or singing abilities, but their words are pure crap. Some spend half the time reciting one word such as “ass” or “cake” then they have a catchy chorus to fill in the for the lyrics they didn’t want to take the time to write. IT’S CRAZY that people actually replay these songs as if 3 minutes of the loop wasn’t enough. Then there’s other artist that all they do is go back and forth comparing things. Their songs should all be called Random because none of it pertains to what the song is really about. They just go on a rant of crap that sounds well together. I get so upset when a song has an amazing beat and an artist does a horrible job. It’s sucha sad moment. Stay on topic, talk about something worth telling about, great you have cars and cash, but not everyone listening today does. UGHHH . I have a headache. I can’t continue this post.



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