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Weather Woman

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Lately on my Twitter account I have to become the weather girl or mother nature’s official spokesman. First, we look at the calendar and we see that it’s no longer January. Snow isn’t a likely thing. We now see that we’re in March – May. If you grew up anywhere in America you’ve heard repeatedly, April showers bring May flowers. It’s freaking Spring! It’s going to rain. Everyone is complaining about how bipolar the weather is as if they’ve never seen Spring before. If it wasn’t raining and then, five minutes later sunny as hell then it wouldn’t be Spring. This is what happens in Spring. I just get really annoyed with people that ask why is it raining so much ….in Spring. That’s like asking why it’s so cold in Winter. 

I also am not a fan of Spring. There’s so much pollen in the air. Even with all the rain it’s still crazy outside. Then, after Spring is hot summer which is dry and you don’t want to move. I’m a fall person. I like the brisk air. I like fall fashion as well. It’s warm, but it’s not too warm and when it’s cold you don’t have to wear a big jacket.

Anyways, I believe everyone should enjoy the Spring. Enjoy all the rain while we can and when summer comes and you wish it would rain, just think about what you said in spring.

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