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Book Reviews?

I love music and I love reading.. so I think I am officially going to take my talents to a youtube channel for that. But I’ll also blog about everything that I say in the videos. Though, I need a proper camera… this one on my computer and all the others in my house suck. Stay tuned.

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Now Playing: TkO

Today my music review takes us into the world of Electronic flash Dance with a little House splashed with Dub. As of late there has been a lot of artist, such as Britney Spears and The Black Eyed Peas, that are using more electronic or dance type feel to their music. Many people who love mainstream music don’t realize that there’s a whole group and movement with Electronic music. There are people that have been making this music way before Britney Spears. I have a young artist, age 19, recently started in this music genre.  I say recently as in the last 4 or 5 years of his life picked up producing this music. He’s from London, UK and his name is TkO. I received a message to check out his music and I thought sure why not. When I heard “Call The Amb’b’Lance” I instantly started moving my shoulders and saying, “there’s a fire”.  The backbeats are composed very well and the chipped voice is perfectly spaced. After the first time I listened to that song the words were imbedded in my head. I found myself an hour later saying, “There’s a fire, there’s a fire”.  From a song like “A Love Letter For Ms. Rogers” and “I Left My Heart In Durban” you can see how all over the map this guy can be. He isn’t only using Electronic dub beats. He puts a piano, strings, Hip-hop bass, drums, etc. People who make music want to express themselves, but at the same time differ from everything you’ve already heard. TkO expresses himself and differs from most of the music I’ve heard. He’s music shows no boundaries and I like that. There’s a fire starting in my heart and it will start in yours when you check out his music.


GENRE – Electronica/ Dance/ House/ Dub

MUSIC – http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/tkizzo


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Now Playing: Mikeyy

Today I’m switching things up to review a talented youngster that goes by Mikeyy, who is from Landover, Maryland. I haven’t yet reviewed a musician and what I mean by that is I haven’t reviewed someone based only on the music. Usually there are lyrics and vocals to judge, but today I am in a whole new territory. Sometimes people forgot that there are producers involved with the artists. Most times an artist doesn’t make the beat by themselves they have a producer that sends them a beat to rap or sing to. To produce music you have to really know music. You have to be able to know when to add more or less bass, drums, piano, guitar, etc. There are so many things that go into making a great beat and Mikeyy knows what he is doing. When you listen to an instrumental having good headphones is key because you can hear all elements that went into making the music what it is. For example when I listened to “My Time, Your Time, Our Time, Christmas Time” without my headphones I didn’t get the full effect of what he had done. I could hear the heavy beat and the piano which I thought was soothing, but then I listened with my Koss Pro DJ headphones and I discovered a whole another element to the song. There’s drums playing in the background that gives the song more of a rhythmic bounce. By listening to Mikeyy’s instrumental beats you see that this guy knows what he is doing. Not only is he talented, he’s young. He’s only 16 years old making his passion into a job. People say that music right now is losing the heart it used to have, but with young and talented people like Mikeyy, there’s hope that the music industry won’t completely be full of meaningless music. So, if you need a beat/instrumental Mikeyy is sure to supply you with something that won’t disappoint.

ARTIST – Mikeyy

GENRE – Instrumentals

MUSIC – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mikeyy-/101121149934543?ref=ts

TWITTER – @TheMikeyyMusic

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Music is important.

Music is important to me. It’s important to a lot of the relationships I have with people. Many.. I take that back.. all of my friends have some what of the same taste as I have in music. They may stretch away, but we can always kick back and listen to music together. I wouldn’t say it’s an important factor in deciding whether someone could be my friend, but it’s important in other areas. Such as going on a long car ride with someone. On long car rides I love to sing or dance to loud music. It’s okay if someone has a different taste in music and wants to go listen to their ipod, but that makes them feel a little anti social. It’s almost awkward for them and for me to be dancing around. BACK TO WHY I AM WRITING THIS! – I am going to be reviewing music almost every day that I have thought was perfect. ENJOY.

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