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Planning Your Book & Pre Ordering Mine

Two things I want to address!

1. I will be starting my three part blog on how I plan my books soon. I’m not exactly how soon, but I want you to know that I’m working on those blogs.

I want to make sure that I say the right things and don’t confuse anyone. In my mind I understand how I plan and it makes writing books a breeze. I want to

share that with you guys.

2. My TENTH book Vox Academy is available now for pre order. There are two packages and with both packages you will receive the book before the November release date.

You can check that out on www.voxacademyseries.com as well as checking the link to a free copy of the first book in the Vox Academy series!


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Vox Academy Complete Series Cover Released!

BAM! THERE IT IS! This is cover for Vox Academy the complete series. This book will have volume 1-4. You can read volume one for free https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/130071 



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Books like Harry Potter

If you’re looking for something interesting, and magical like Harry Potter than Vox Academy is definitely something worth looking into. It’s a new series by me (Ellie Grace). Here’s a quick summary and be sure to click the link to the website http://www.voxacademyseries.com

If you had told Blythe Ryan she would be at a voice academy, learning to encode messages into spoken word surrounded by friends, she would think you were crazy. Big opportunities and friends were scarce in her life. Not big on speaking or showing emotion, Blythe hides behind her mountain of curls. Until she’s given a full scholarship to Vox Academy, she knows it would be foolish to turn down, but what does she know about voice? Nothing. The academy swirls with Rappers, Singers, Poets, and more all studying encryption and perfecting their voice. As soon as she falls into a routine, she begins to hear voices. Voices that know more about her than she does.

once again http://www.voxacademyseries.com

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Vox Academy is now available on smashwords.com and amazon.com

I’m very excited about this new book and I’m working every day to bring more people into buying.

It’s a must check out book. http://www.voxacademyseries.com



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Sorry So Late!

Well, I said that I would update this everyday, but things got hectic. I should not have made a big promise during the winter holiday. I apologize. So, my new book will hopefully be out later this month. It’s a series. I’m currently working on the THIRD book in the series. My editor has the FIRST book in the series. This book is guaranteed not to disappoint.

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