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College With A Job Guarantee

Well, I’ve had my year off school and I think I am pretty sure that I’m going on to my second year without college. I really don’t think college is going to do anything for me at the moment. I’m not saying I don’t have room to learn anything new or that I don’t ever need to learn anything else because that wouldn’t be true. I have so much to learn, but going to school and spending all the money is not the right thing for me right now.

I have so many ideas that are floating in my head. I’m realizing that I am the type of creative mind that always wants to create something without having the boundaries that assignments have. I want to write every book idea that comes to my head without having to hold off on it because I have stress of college assignments. I want to be able to have my handbag business and build my own bags, wallets, and etc. Many people can create things, but it takes a certain person to actually make a living at that craft. Am I certain that I can make a living out of my crafts? Yes. Do I believe in what I am writing about and that my bags are wonderful? Yes. Is the market ready for what I have to offer? Ready as they’ll ever be. This is my time to go out in life and show people me. Show people who I am. Show people what I can do on my own and without the education that everyone thinks so highly about. I’m ready for this new year , this new season in my life.

So, college doesn’t come with a guarantee that I’ll have a job, but doing what I want with my crafts and my talents will always give me a job. No matter what there will be a way to use my talents to have a job. I’m sure of it. I may not have the degree, but I can get that job.

College can suck on that for now!

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