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Michelle Obama Eats Fat People Food

So, basically Michelle Obama ate this 1,700 calorie fast food meal and everyone is like OMG! This is definitely not news worthy. First off when anyone famous eats something and it comes news worthy I think omg, this is so stupid. Children die in africa and I am sitting here wasting time with what some famous person is eating?! Has it really come to this?

Back to MObama. She had this meal it was almost 2,000 calories. She’s all about fitness and beating obesity, but she’s not OBESE! She can eat whatever she wants to because she has a personal trainer and she has a freakn’ chef that’ll make her a salad to balance all of that fast food out. She works to help obese people not give into eating those meals because if it was an obese person they would have that meal maybe every day. She can eat that meal, but there’s a guarantee that she’ll work it off.

Let her eat what she wants and when she starts getting fat.. that’s when you can bring up how she’s been eating. For the obese people, she should give you hope that you can have those same fatty meals sometimes, but still be fit.

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