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Your Cause

Do you have a cause that you fight for? Are you really passionate for or against something? I ask what is your cause?

When I think about what causes I support my mind races a bit because I support many different campaigns. I show different love to each in a different way. I may give money, do a walk at the nation’s capital, I may right about it in a story. There are different ways to be invovled. There are also ways to show your support without getting to heavy like a wrist band, sticker or pin.

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the education system here in America. I believe we need a lot of work on our education. I think we’re stuck on all the wrong things. In my book, The High School Stories I hit on a lot of the issues that I feel are wrong in the school system.

My newest book, The Designer which is due to come out later on this year. I hit on a lot of troubles that gay people have. I am not gay, but I have friends that express to me all the things they are limited  because of who they like to hook up with. I think people that make a big deal about gays having the same rights as straight people are ridiculous. I can’t see any reason why it would be a bad thing. It makes me so frustrated. Loving the LGBT community is another cause I am for.

So, what’s your cause? What are you fighting for?

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