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Saving Recess

Okay, so again, I was listening to NPR.. same car ride as my last post. This time they were talking about schools in Chicago. In Chicago, some elementary schools have a 5 hour school day. WOW! That’s all I could say. Here in schools go for about 8 hours. These elementary schools only had 10 minutes for lunch and 10 minutes for recess. SOOOOOO CRAZY! When you’re young putting all that new information in your head without a break is tiring. Pushing for a longer day to get more time to ease into material is better. What you learn in elementary school is the foundation for the rest of grade school. I know first hand that if I hadn’t gotten extra help when I was in elementary school I would’ve been so lost in high school. Lunch is important. Kids need food, teachers need a break. It’s a restart and a refuel. Recess gives kids a break. Time to be with friends, to get exercise, to think school isn’t so bad. I don’t live in Chicago, but I totally support this.

Sometimes you wish there was more time in the day.

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