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A Team Of Rex Ryan

You don’t have to be a Jets fan to know that Rex Ryan likes to talk. Rex Ryan is known for making predictions about his Jets winning the super bowl and doing great things. People always hate on him for being so vocal about how good he thinks his team is because most times the team doesn’t back him up. Rex has stopped making predictions and bad talking this year. This might be because he sees that his QB isn’t as talented or he’s letting Tebow have the spotlight. Either way there hasn’t been much talk and the team is doing poorly to say it nicely and honestly I’m starting to feel bad for Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan  wants to win more than the whole Jets team. Rex has always believed in his team. He believed in his team when other people doubted which people criticize because they never won the super bowl, but I think that’s great. It’s good when a coach believes in your team because as a player you want someone that’s going to boost you up. If players were more pumped up like Rex Ryan then maybe they would really push to back his statements up.

Do I think Tebow should be put in now? I really don’t know. I don’t think Tebow is that great of a QB, but neither is Sanchez. I think Tebow has a winning attitude. I think Tebow shows that he plays to win. He has passion that you can see. I don’t really get that from Sanchez, but I’m not in there with him in the locker room or practice to see what he’s saying. I’ve only seen about a thousand Tebow interviews and sideline reports because he was “magic” last year.

All I know is that I hope the Jets pull it together for Rex.



Ellie Grace



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